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A Grin at the End: AI – Learn the true meaning

By Carl Sampson It’s the end of the world, again. I’m not talking about the banking system, which sets itself on fire every few years. Nor am I talking about inflation, which features Congress spraying down the economy with trillions of dollars and amping up inflation at the same time the Federal Reserve is jacking up interest rates to slow […]

Mount Angel mayor endorses school bond

Dear Mount Angel Citizens: As your Mayor, I would like to share my thoughts on the upcoming bond election for the Mt. Angel School District. I have reviewed the projects that would be funded by the proceeds of the bond sale. They are very necessary improvements that will greatly improve the safety, security and school environments for our students. Passing […]

Letter to the Editor: Bills in legislature important for children

The legislative session has begun in Salem. One vital issue that readers may not be aware of is the need to pay parents to provide in-home care to their minor disabled children. Paying parents to do this work (the State is currently willing to pay anyone to provide this care support except felons and parents) improves the health outcomes for […]

Air shows: Action and awe are the real deal

By Carl Sampson I am standing on a patch of grass watching a man named Brad Wursten defy gravity. He is in a tiny airplane called an MXS-R, which is hanging by its propellor a couple thousand feet in the air. What is keeping him from plummeting to his death in a fireball, I’m not sure. I am sure Mr. […]

A Grin at the End: Home improvement pointers

By Carl Sampson It’s been my long-held opinion that there is no need for capital punishment as long as there are home improvement projects to be done. Instead of spending eternity on death row, the worst offenders should be sentenced to fixing things around the house or building a fence or painting a bedroom. Nothing is as punishing as standing […]

A Grin at the End: Check list – In search of the perfect doc

By Carl Sampson I think I’m going to hire a doctor. Well, not really hire one, but get one to occasionally take a look at me. I’m feeling good but I just want to get a 100,000-mile check-up. First, a disclaimer. I’m not a fan of the medical profession. Every doctor I’ve ever seen — except for a few at […]

A Grin at the End: The third law…

By Carl Sampson It used to be said that nothing will make you a bigger liar you than your dog or your kid. “Oh, my dog would never do something like that,” you’d say, just as your dog did that very thing — right on the neighbor’s front yard. Similarly, you’d say, “My child has never done anything like that,” […]

A Grin at the End: Utterly unromantic…

By Carl Sampson This may be the least romantic column ever written. It may even be less romantic than the columns written by those political pundits jabbering about Donald Trump. In fact, it is so unromantic I bet only an accountant could love it. The other day I did something I had put off for, oh, about 27 years. I […]

A Grin at the End: I wish I was smart enough…

By Carl Sampson I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel as though I’m getting dumber every day. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with a lot of people. It’s as though they put their brains in a paper bag and left them on the kitchen table as they were heading out the door. But then again, maybe […]

A Grin at the End: What’s in a name

By Carl Sampson I’ve always been amazed by the names some parents choose for their children. Some are practical. For example, my Mom always said she chose Carl because she wanted to a make sure I could spell it. I don’t know what that says about her faith in my abilities, but to this day I have not misspelled my […]

A Grin at the End: Advice worth remembering

By Carl Sampson I love this season. I don’t mean summer. I love graduation season. It’s when middle and high schools, colleges and universities unleash their work product on the world. “Let’s see what this bunch can do,” every teacher is thinking as the diplomas are handed out and the tassels are turned. While that’s exciting enough, what I like […]

A Grin at the End: Future’s not all as promised asromised

By Carl Sampson I feel cheated. When I was a kid in the 1950s and 1960s, the future was going to be awesome beyond words. I remember reading books about how we’d all work four days a week, and fly in our personal helicopters to work on those few days when we had to show up. Life was going to […]

A Grin at the End: Treasure trove of truthfulness

By Carl Sampson I devised a plan to either: 1. End political weirdness as we know it or 2. Create the best reality TV show ever. Here’s why I envision doing – All state and federal politicians would be required to wear body cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For the past several […]

A Grin at the End: Common sense investments

By Carl Sampson During the past year, I’ve undertaken a study in alternative economics. I call it “The Use of Voluntary Taxation as a Means of Funding Higher Education.” In short, I bought lottery tickets in hopes of getting money to pay for my kids’ college education. The result: It didn’t work. Not only that but I found that the […]

A Grin at the End: The curse of the Internet

By Carl Sampson I used to think the Internet was destroying society. Now I am sure of it. As a matter of fact, that’s about the only thing I’m sure of these days. Here are eight reasons why I think the Internet causes more trouble than it’s worth. First without rival, the Internet is the biggest source of misinformation, half-truths, […]

A Grin at the End: It’s going to be a great year

It’s a whole new year and I’m pumped. I know that this will be the best year ever! It’s not that I have a crystal ball or that I have a winning Power Ball ticket. It’s just that I know this year will be up to me. Luck or fate or whatever else influences the events that surround me will […]

A Grin at the End: How to sleep well at night

By Carl Sampson I have a lot of friends in the banking industry. Tons. Bunches. Bushels. Boatloads. Rafts. Anyway you say it, bankers are my friends. They must be, or they wouldn’t send letters to me all of the time. I should explain. In the past year or so, I have received 64 letters in the mail from banks. Each […]