Letter to the Editor: Bills in legislature important for children

March 2023 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

The legislative session has begun in Salem. One vital issue that readers may not be aware of is the need to pay parents to provide in-home care to their minor disabled children.

Paying parents to do this work (the State is currently willing to pay anyone to provide this care support except felons and parents) improves the health outcomes for disabled children, financially stabilizes families, and keeps kids out of institutionalized settings (saving the taxpayers a lot of money).

In other words, it’s good for children, it’s good for families, and it’s good for the State. Two bills are being presented on this issue during this session. Sen. Knopp’s (R) Bill 646 covers the most disabled children and provides the taxpayer with the greatest “bang for their buck.” For more info, readers can look up Advocates for Disability Supports.

– Andrea Lewis

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