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Carl Sampson

A Grin at the End: Cloud breaks – Seizing the opportunities

I have never paid much attention to the weather. After all, what’s the point? There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Plus, the weather forecast is always more of a best guess than a guarantee. Even the meteorologists seem confounded. We’re supposed to be in the middle of an El Niño. In general, that means we should be […]

Palace Theatre

Letter to the Editor: How you can help Silverton’s theater

I am the new owner of The Palace Theatre here in Silverton. I am enjoying my adventure in restoring this historic part of our community. It has not been easy, nor has it been inexpensive. Refurbishing the decor, repairing an aging building, upgrading the seating, replacing the sound system and investing in a top-of-the-line projector has not been cheap. But […]

Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Silverton!

The Silverton Zenith Woman’s Club thanks the community of Silverton for all the help they received for their 2023 Tree of Giving project. Together we were able to make Christmas a little brighter for 216 children in the Silver Falls School District.  We wish to particularly thank: Hi-School Pharmacy, St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Silver Creek Fellowship and Wilco for displaying […]

Dr. Elizabeth Smith

Letter to the Editor: Co-worker commitment

I want to share specifically what Dr. Elizabeth Smith at [Legacy Medical Group] Mt. Angel did on Wednesday, Jan. 17 in order to round on unassigned babies at Legacy Silverton Medical Center.  She bundled up, with the help of her two little boys, then walked a little over a mile up and down a very icy gravel driveway to make […]

Letter to the Editor: Another opinion

This is in response to Mr. Harris’ “Happy New Week” advertisement in the Jan. 1 issue of Our Town. First, we want to commend him and the growing team of Christians from local Christian churches for the bold and, we are sure, expensive continuing Christian outreach to Silverton and beyond. Our purpose in writing is to offer an alternative way […]

Letter to the Editor: Clarifying position on love, hate and hell

To the Editor: Pastor John Fredrick of Oak Street Church wrote in the Jan. 1 issue of Our Town that I believe members of the LGBTQ+ community “are going to hell for being queer.” That is not true. First of all, I did not write that in my ad, nor have I ever believed that. As a Christian pastor I am sure […]

Letter to the Editor: Standing in solidarity

To the Editor: I would like to respond to views expressed in recent advertisements run by Gregg Harris in Our Town. I am not writing to start a debate with anyone nor to criticize how this paper does business. Rather, I am writing as a community member and local pastor.  Though there are perhaps many areas where Mr. Harris and […]

Letter to the Editor: Pushing forward on complaint

An open letter to Rep. Lori Chavez-Deremer: I have called your office and written several letters. I’m still waiting for a response regarding my March 15 recording at your Open House. What ORS allows you to claim your taxpayer funded office is “private property”? Rep. Rick Lewis’ office says this isn’t a thing. Did you lie when you wouldn’t answer […]

Letter to the Editor: More to the fentanyl story

I wanted to respond to the Fentanyl article published in the Dec. 15 [edition of Our Town]. As a concerned citizen, mother, and public health advocate, I was happy to see some light being shed on this topic in our community. It highlighted how grim the current opioid crisis is; however, I feel like it overall downplayed the risk our […]

Carl Sampson

A Grin at the End: Lessons in fortune – Realizing how lucky we are

As we come down the home stretch of 2023, it’s time to take an inventory. Some of the major events of the year: Went snorkeling with the family in Hawaii. Check. Didn’t drown. Check. Took about 20 minutes to recuperate from not drowning. Check. Took about 30 seconds to figure out that I might have a problem more serious than […]

Melissa Wagoner

A Slice of the Pie: The ABCs … of holiday prep

Advocate for yourself and for your family. Have the difficult conversations now so you don’t have to have them later. Buy now or later? Some people – myself included – like shopping during December when the stores feel more festive, while others like to have it all done by December so they can focus on something else. You decide! Call […]

Carl Sampson

A Grin at the End: Troubadours – Singing the stories of our lives

I was heading to the store for another batch of stool softener — if you’re over 70 you’ll understand — when I heard the news: Jimmy Buffett had died.  I’m not prone to emotions, but this did make me sad. Not “boo-hoo” sad; more like “that’s too bad” sad. His music had followed me through a big chunk of my […]

Kevin McCarty

Sharing the road – Insights from an experienced road biker

By Kevin McCarty Today I’d like to write about bicyclists. Not spandex-wearing Tour De France competitors atop $15,000 uber-bikes; rather, I’m talking about the regular local Joe who suddenly appears on a slow-moving two-wheeled apparatus on the roadway ahead of you when you’re taking your kids to school, going to the grocery store, or late for a doctor appointment. Worse yet, […]

A Slice of the Pie: Volunteering – Where to start?

Last summer I did something that I previously thought my schedule would have never allowed – I spent 15 hours volunteering at my daughter’s theater camp.  This statement may sound ordinary to some, especially those who already make time to volunteer on a regular basis, but for others – one out of four Americans, according to the Stanford Center on […]

A Grin at the End: AI – Learn the true meaning

By Carl Sampson It’s the end of the world, again. I’m not talking about the banking system, which sets itself on fire every few years. Nor am I talking about inflation, which features Congress spraying down the economy with trillions of dollars and amping up inflation at the same time the Federal Reserve is jacking up interest rates to slow […]

Mount Angel mayor endorses school bond

Dear Mount Angel Citizens: As your Mayor, I would like to share my thoughts on the upcoming bond election for the Mt. Angel School District. I have reviewed the projects that would be funded by the proceeds of the bond sale. They are very necessary improvements that will greatly improve the safety, security and school environments for our students. Passing […]

Letter to the Editor: Bills in legislature important for children

The legislative session has begun in Salem. One vital issue that readers may not be aware of is the need to pay parents to provide in-home care to their minor disabled children. Paying parents to do this work (the State is currently willing to pay anyone to provide this care support except felons and parents) improves the health outcomes for […]