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Letter to the Editor: Co-worker commitment

I want to share specifically what Dr. Elizabeth Smith at [Legacy Medical Group] Mt. Angel did on Wednesday, Jan. 17 in order to round on unassigned babies at Legacy Silverton Medical Center. 

She bundled up, with the help of her two little boys, then walked a little over a mile up and down a very icy gravel driveway to make it out to a road that had some plowing done, where a friend picked her up and took her to the hospital.

There were six little babies waiting for her when she arrived. She then stayed at the hospital all day, doing video visits for her LMG Mt. Angel patients while giving newborn babies the attention they needed. She was able to get a ride back home at 4:30 p.m., eight hours after her unassigned round shift was complete, when some thawing had happened. 

I am grateful to have Dr. Smith on the LMG Mt. Angel team and feel so very blessed to belong to the community she serves with dedication and commitment.  

Heather A. Sowa
RN Clinic Manager, Legacy Medical Group – Mount Angel

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