Letters to the Editor: Support for Stephanie

May 2021 Posted in Community, Other, School

We have had the privilege of knowing Stephanie Mantie for 20 years. We served together in our church youth group for many years. We have witnessed her raise her kids, serve others, and interact in the community. We cannot recommend her enough for the position on the school board.

She is a person of immense integrity.
We have witnessed her in situations of conflict. Her ability to remain thoughtful, kind hearted, and willing to see the
other side of things was constant and impressive. She cares deeply for all people.

We know Stephanie to be someone who will extend grace and love to whom ever she interacts with, regardless of differences or challenges. She is honest. She will speak what is beneficial, in a respectful manner. She is a blast. Kids are drawn to her like a magnet. It’s because she loves so fully, and has so much energy, excitement, and delight in interacting with them.

When we heard that she was running for the school board we were beyond thrilled for the community! We know what Stephanie is capable of, and what can be accomplished with her service and input. She will be a force to unite where division is present, a force to love where animosity has taken over, a force to lead and guide the dear, valuable youth of our community.

Please vote!

Kerry and Jodi Kuenzi

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