Letters to the Editor: Mantie for school board

May 2021 Posted in Community, Other, School

I am writing this letter in support of Stephanie Mantie for the Silver Falls School Board, zone 4. Stephanie has all the qualities that would make an excellent board member. She is smart, well spoken, cares greatly about kids and has a desire to do what’s best for all kids in our district if she is elected.

Stephanie has four kids of her own
that all attend schools in Silver Falls. She has always been very active in volunteering in classrooms and helping in any other extracurricular activities, so she understands how things work in this district. In the past she has also worked as an educational assistant in one of our buildings giving her an even broader range of knowledge about the district as a whole. Stephanie understands the need for board members to look at the whole district and make decisions that are best for all schools and kids in Silver Falls.

She has worked with kids not only in school settings but in other areas as
well. Volunteering at her church’s youth group and her kids sports activities and anywhere else where she can benefit kids.

Stephanie is a positive, rational, and common sense thinker and would help provide a balance to the board that has sometimes been lacking. She is willing to listen to all sides of an issue to make the best decisions possible. She respects other people and doesn’t dismiss others opinions when they are different from her own.

Stephanie would be an excellent choice to serve on Silver Falls School Board and I urge you to vote for her.

Tim Roth

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