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Something for the Soul: Soul’s secret language

Winnie Bolton

By Winnie Bolton

Everyone has their own secret language for their inner world which we, at times, attempt to awaken.

Pressure is put on psychiatry to help with this sacred world because we look for trust and receptivity before opening up ourselves.

People can get trapped in the story telling; questioning with all the senses with their immediacy; losing the truth of what their souls know.

Poets try being receptive to the unknown that’s latent within them and out of that listening comes wonderful excitement and danger with the emergence of the new and unknown within.

Poetry attempts to educate us to the soul’s presence. Psychologists and counselors, acting as healers, making efforts toward understanding the soul’s wisdom.

The terrible sadness of our times is the lack of  human “presence”.  For example, people not being in themselves but elsewhere when they’re speaking. It’s like human shells with mouths moving, saying nothing. This sense of vacancy happens because our culture is on overload, so much happening, rapidly going nowhere.

For growth in spiritual life one needs a bit of stillness and silence – only then can one reawaken the soul.

Like the seeds the farmer plants, souls need to be nourished, sheltered and protected in order to flourish and grow. We need to shelter and protect our good souls where the seeds lie so that the trees can grow around us. Then at bleak and naked times there is the shelter one desperately needs and can’t get from anywhere else but deep within the soul.

People block their own blessings because they are too busy standing in the way, neglecting to do their own inner work.

Once one awakens their consciousness, they are no longer sleeping and vacant because everything we need is within us, so let life’s journey come in stillness and quiet.

We have forgotten that in this “must do, must see, must know” world of ours how to be still but the old soul knows exactly the direction and rhythm our soul should take.

People lose their power when they believe the power is outside of themselves.

Growth and change are constant but the invisible soul lives forever. Why? Simple, because God dwells in us and we in Him.

Be courageous young graduates by seeking out the soul’s secret language.

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