Room for all – Silverton Coffee Club finds new space

December 2021 Posted in Community

By Melissa Wagoner

When the COVID-19 pandemic halted in-person meetings for Silverton’s numerous 12-step recovery programs, the Silverton Coffee Club – a nonprofit that has provided and maintained those programs’ meeting space for over 30 years – jumped at the opportunity to sell their current space, one in desperate need of costly repairs, in the hopes of finding a new one before the meetings resumed.

But it was a difficult task, finding a space that fit the organization’s needs, which included accessibility for all ages and mobilities as well as access to both bathrooms and a kitchen. 

Thankfully, this fall they finally found what they were searching for – at least temporarily. Located on Water Street in Silverton, with a full kitchen, restrooms and several meeting spaces, the building, formerly the law office of Dennis Bean, is the ideal stop-gap until they can find a permanent, purchasable home.

“I’ve been looking at this space for quite a while,” Silverton Coffee Club’s board President Jenny Ohren said. Her long-time friendship with the owner’s daughter, Julie, provided her with insider knowledge when the building became available to rent. 

In need of minor renovations, as well as the addition of amenities like a microwave and stove, the Coffee Club partnered with the community to make the new space feel like home. Then they opened the doors. 

“On Halloween we had our first meetings,” Ohren recalled. “And since then, we’ve had over 100 attendees.”

“We’re having lots of people grateful not to do Zoom,” Board Secretary Scott Meyers added, crediting the increase in attendance, which has almost doubled. “It feels very welcoming.”

With posters from various programs decorating the walls – something the groups are unable to do when meetings were held in common spaces like churches – and with the kitchen stocked with coffee and snacks, the Coffee Club said the new space already feels like home. 

“It’s been really nice,” Board Treasurer Susan Kershner, confirmed. 

“People are really loving it,” Ohren added. “They’re like, ‘This is great!’”

Silverton Coffee Club

A meeting place for 12-step groups whose members are in recovery from alcohol, drugs, sex or debt as well as auxiliary groups such as Al-Anon.

For information contact:
Scott Meyers at 503-888-8279 or [email protected]  

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