Distinguished Service – Meg Feicht’s commitment recognized

March 2023 Posted in Community, People
Meg Feicht (“Teacher Meg”).  Haley Wiegand

Meg Feicht (“Teacher Meg”).
Haley Wiegand

By Brenna Wiegand

Meg Feicht – better known as Teacher Meg to generations of kids and their families – was bestowed the Silverton Area Chamber of Commerce’s Distinguished Service Award for 2022 at its First Citizens Awards Gala on Feb. 25.

Feicht began leading classes focusing on kids and families nearly 25 years ago as a volunteer for the YMCA. About 17 years ago she signed on as teacher of Silverton Christian Preschool, housed at Silverton Friends Church.

“It is through these things that I found my passion,” Feicht said. “I have the best job in the whole world and love teaching preschool today just as much as I did on my first day.

“I love seeing the world through preschoolers’ eyes; their sense of wonder and their silliness and being able to experience their lightbulb moments,” she said. “They make me laugh every day.”

“She has answered my late-night texts asking such things as how to deal with a toddler who won’t go to bed more often than I’d like to count,” Briana Hupp said. “She cares deeply about all her students and keeps in touch with most of them.”

“She has taught us so much about how to be a parent and a good human,” said Haley Wiegand, whose son is a current student. “She leads her classroom and her relationships with empathy, and you can’t help but feel loved by her in even a short interaction.”

“Whenever I go up to her, Teacher Meg says, ‘June, you got so tall,’ and she hugs me,” said first-grader June, “…because I used to be smaller, and now I’ve grown bigger.”

Feicht said her father, Don Dolan, was an enduring example of a life well lived. Dolan was the recipient of Silverton’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2005 First Citizen Banquet, just months before his passing.

“He gave of his time to families and kids and to the community, sometimes in big ways and sometimes in very small ways that nobody ever heard about,” Feicht said. “He used to say, ‘If you can give a little, do it.’ He really showed me what life is all about.”

Like father, like daughter.

“Meg has been a lifeline to the community for many years,” a nominator said. “Whether it’s educating our littlest learners or coaching parents on how to successfully navigate through challenging situations, Teacher Meg has been there for all of us.

“Meg’s expertise and talent goes beyond the classroom,” it continues. “She has volunteered for many organizations in town and is always the first to jump up and say, ‘I can help!’”

Feicht considers getting to know her students’ families as much a part of her job and every bit as important as teaching their kids.

“Parents are juggling lots of balls in the air and if there’s any way that we can help a little, let’s do it,” she said. “If there’s anything I can do to help guide or enjoy or celebrate family, I’m all about it.” 

Hupp’s daughter Lucy sums up the sentiments of a multitude of children who’ve been lucky enough to have a spot at the little carpet surrounding Teacher Meg.

“I really love teacher Meg, and I’m sad I had to grow up,” the kindergartner said. “You make me feel happy as a clam.

“My favorite thing about Teacher Meg is that she will always be my teacher and I can always hug and love her.”

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