Letters to the Editor: It’s going to take more than words

August 2021 Posted in Uncategorized

A response to Silverton Mayor Kyle Palmer’s column in the city newsletter distributed with the July 15 edition of  Our Town.

I congratulate you on your article concerning a very significant issue facing this country and more pointedly seems to be surfacing in Silverton. …  You’re challenging us all to be an ally of those individuals being oppressed is spot on. 

How did you find out about the incidents? 

Was an attempt made to find out who the youngsters were who were acting in a racist manner? 

Were they from Silverton?

Is there any form of security at the reservoir? 

Was this incident as well as the other incident mentioned reported to the city police?

Why don’t the police weigh in on this issue letting people know the police department’s position on this type of thing? …

What has the City Council as a body … done to show citizens they as a body support the diversity that is growing in our town? …

What physical action has the Council taken to make all new arrivals to our community feel welcome? 

Does Silverton have a policy of reaching out to … families that move into our community? 

Times have changed no doubt. People of all races are fleeing towns across this country in search of a place that does not have racial issues of any kind.  … Our community leaders need to LEAD. What can you do? … 

Maybe … the leaders in this community should personally visit those people of color that move within city limits … Or maybe you and the council could hold a welcoming cake and pie social at our park, personally inviting the new families that move into town as well as all citizens.  … Are there not already organizations committees started in town that could also take part? Chamber of Commerce, Silverton Together, to name a couple.

Bringing people together by words has failed miserably over all the time I’ve spent on this earth. … We are in tough and dangerous times. It is going to take more than just words to make Silverton different. 

Steve Kaser

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