Letters to the Editor: The ‘heart’ of JFK wrestling

August 2021 Posted in Uncategorized

I would like to take a moment and point out a person who went above and beyond in developing a positive program in the Mount Angel high school. This person has steadfastly worked to bring a sport … that has been absent for many years. He has a dedication, not only to the sport of wrestling, but to the kids who show up to compete at it. Dewey Enos is someone the district should be proud of and acknowledge for exemplary conduct.

Dewey has grown the program from about four kids four years ago, to 21 kids (including three girls) this past year. As some of you probably know, wrestling is not a sport that you just show up to and compete in. It is considered one of the most demanding high school sports… Dewey has grown the team each year in a school district with no history in the sport. It is my opinion this was done because Dewey connects with the kids and gives them a positive place where they can try and achieve their personal goals. 

What I find quite amazing is the number of wrestlers who have never competed in any organized sport, let alone wrestling before. For some kids, the goal may be to place at state, for others it may be to compete for the first time or win just one match. Dewey treats all these kids the same with respect and encouragement. He has a way of pushing each kid to find the courage to achieve beyond what they are expecting. Most importantly he promotes an atmosphere of inclusion that allows every kid to feel they belong regardless of there athletic ability.

In closing, many people have helped grow this program, athletic director Kevin Moffatt, Coach Craig Cervantes, many parents and family members, the booster club and other staff at JFK and the district office all should be proud. However, Dewey Enos is the heart of the wrestling program and he, in my opinion, should be acknowledged and thanked for his service.

Fred Geschwill

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