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First Citizen, Laura Wanker Melissa Wagoner

First Citizen: Educator and SACA board member Laura Wanker lauded

By Melissa Wagoner It’s been 40 years, nearly to the day, since Laura Wanker became a part of the Silverton community, initially working as an educator and volunteer tutor, mentor and educational advocate for students at Silverton High School before joining the Silverton Area Community Aid’s (SACA) board. “Laura Wanker’s impact on the Silverton community is broad and substantial,” former superintendent […]

City of Silverton

Silverton City Council – Community Center perplexity continues

By James Day Figuring out what is next for the Silverton Community Center is turning into a confusing game of musical chairs. The city holds the lease for the building, which is owned by the Oregon Military Department. That lease expires March 31, which means that tenants Jazzercise, Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA), WIC, the Silver Falls YMCA and the […]

SACA check-in – Connected past, demanding present, optimistic future

By Melissa Wagoner Silverton Area Community Aid – or SACA, as it’s affectionately known – has always operated with the same goal, to provide food for those in the Silverton area who need it. But that doesn’t mean it’s always looked the way it does today. “It started as a much smaller organization,” Executive Assistant Erin Wilson said. In fact, […]

Food equity – Defining the problem a first step in finding the solution

By Melissa Wagoner Food is necessary for the survival of all humans but that doesn’t mean access to it is always equitable.  In fact, every month within Marion and Polk Counties more than 45,000 individuals – 15,000 of them children – rely on food assistance according to Marion Polk Food Share (MPFS), an organization of which Silverton Area Community Aid […]

Believing in the mission: DeSantis’ Distinguished Service award

By Melissa Wagoner It’s not every day that the employees of an organization recognize their boss for her distinguished service. But as the Silverton Chamber of Commerce began accepting nominations for the Community Awards for 2020, the staff at Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA) did precisely that, nominating their director, Sarah DeSantis, for the Distinguished Service Award. “We know when […]

Future First Citizen: Petrik honored at live community awards

By Brenna Wiegand Whether playing jazz, concert music or marching in the band; on the soccer field or running cross country, Charlie Petrik always gravitates toward positions of leadership. For this and other reasons, Petrik was recently named this year’s Silverton Future First Citizen. “Every year, selecting a candidate for this recognition seems to get harder and harder, and this […]

Letters to the Editor: Support for ‘supermom’ in school board election

We wholeheartedly endorse Melissa Seifer Briggs for Silver Falls School Board. Melissa is an experienced attorney, most recently with the Oregon Judicial Department, and a Silverton native. She and her husband, David Briggs, have five young children, ages 12 to 3. Melissa is devoted to all children, especially those who may be disadvantaged or at risk. The depth and breadth […]

SACA expands hours: Now offers families weekly food pantry access

By Nancy Jennings Effective April 1, Silverton Area Community Aid (SACA) began offering weekly food pantry visits rather than monthly ones – and added evening hours Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. According to SACA Communications/Events Coordinator Paul Scoville, “We went from a system where a person or family could come in for food once a month to now […]

SACA: Sarah DeSantis steps up to lead

By Sheldon Traver Silverton resident Sarah DeSantis has personally seen what living in poverty means for many Silverton area residents. She started volunteering for Silverton Area Community Aid two years ago and was on the front lines of helping people get the food they needed. Last year she was appointed to its board of directors. On April 5, she will […]