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Wildfire danger – State takes another crack at judging fire risk

By James Day Two more meetings of a rulemaking advisory committee on updating the statewide wildfire hazard maps will be on Zoom in the coming weeks. The committee’s focus for these sessions will be to provide input on whether irrigation for farmland and agricultural crops should be incorporated into the calculations for wildfire hazard assessments.   One meeting was held on […]

Defensible space workshop July 22

A defensible space and wildfire resiliency workshop featuring experts from around the state is set for July 22 at The Oregon Garden in Silverton. The 9 a.m. to noon event is free but reservations are required. Space is limited to 50. See https://tinyurl.com/e5uynwuk to register.   The workshop offers the essential skills and knowledge needed to protect your home and […]

State issues warnings, guidance on fireworks

By James Day The fireworks sales season runs through July 6 and state officials are warning residents to “keep it legal and keep it safe.” The Oregon State Fire Marshal, in a press release issued June 23, offered tips on which fireworks are legal to use, where fireworks can be used, and how to use them safely. “We ask Oregonians […]

Grant to rescue – Silverton nursery to use new seedling funds

By James Day A Silverton-area nursery has received a $540,000 state grant to help it grow seedlings needed for Oregon fire restoration efforts. The funds from the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) will allow Drakes Crossing Nursery to expand its business into greenhouse plug production of seedlings and have more stock available for emergencies such as the state’s rash of […]

Emerald ash borer – Pest threatens Oregon’s ash trees, ecosystems

By James Day The emerald ash borer (EAB), a forest pest that has been targeting ash trees in the United States since 2002, has been found in Oregon. An infestation discovered June 30 in Forest Grove means that concerns of state and local officials about the ash borer’s impact on urban forests, wetlands and streams has gone from the hypothetical […]

‘Sudden Oak Death’ – Not so sudden… Not infecting oaks

By Melissa Wagoner The term Sudden Oak Death (SOD) is really a bit of a misnomer,  according to Sarah Navarro, the Regional Sudden Oak Death Pathologist for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). “Tanoak is the tree species most affected because it’s readily killed,” Navarro said. Noting that unlike the white oak – a true oak – tanoaks are a part of the broadleaf family. “And in terms […]