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Your Garden: Containers – The Ins and Outs

By Linda Whitmore Planter boxes add pizzazz to a patio or porch, fit nicely on an apartment balcony and give flair to store fronts and downtown businesses. In driving through the communities of the Willamette Valley one can see amazing examples of pots, planters and baskets of trailing fuchsias and petunias, cheery daisies and brightly colored geraniums. To learn how […]

Stage presence: It’s showtime! – Missoula Children’s Theatre returns with ‘Pinocchio’

“All the world’s a stage, and the men and women merely players …” wrote William Shakespeare in As You Like It. Don Kelley, Silverton attorney and theater aficionado, sees things similarly. He firmly believes that as people move through their various roles in life, they benefit from early exposure to theater. Soon local youths will have an opportunity when Missoula Children’s Theater returns with its summer program.

Local focus: Brewery and winery raise a toast to their community

During an extended Memorial Day weekend, a local winery and a local brewery will debut their new Tap Room. And “local” is their byword. Chris Deckelmann, co-owner of Vitis Ridge winery with his wife, Sharon; and partners Bruce and Sally Eich and Glen Bruenger; is pleased about the project they are joining in with Seven Brides Brewery.

SortaSausage: Necessity is mother of invention, hard work is key to success

There are two slogans that apply to Molly Ainsley: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” and “Think globally, act locally.” Ainsley, owner and operator of Rolling Hills Bakery and Café in Silverton, had launched her business shortly before the economy crashed. Although it has been a popular place for a cup of coffee and a muffin or a slice of quiche; it’s been a tough go. A year ago, friends offered to help serve in the morning so she could reduce labor costs. This not only got her over the hump for the short term, it allowed Ainsley a bit of time to think about her options.

Teamwork: Denny and Genie Stoll named First Citizens

Endorsements by city leaders encapsulate the breadth of service provided to the Silverton community by Denny and Genie Stoll, recipients of this year’s First Citizen Award, however, much of the tribute is unspoken, but felt, in the lives of people their work has touched.

A new pair of shoes: Middle-schooler Jordan Dark designs a Nike

A telephone call shook up what he calls “a normal Sunday,” bringing 12-year-old Jordan Dark some exciting news – he had been selected to design a pair of athletic shoes for Nike. That call led the Mt. Angel Middle School student to experiences he could never have dreamed – including the likely opportunity to meet his favorite sports hero.

Cooley family: Pioneers survived challenges and that tradition continues

By Linda Whitmore Richard “Rick” Ernst has done a great deal of genealogical study about the Cooley family – his mother’s ancestors – tracing them back to the 1740s in Virginia. Like other American pioneers, subsequent generations of Cooleys moved westward. Some were among Silverton’s early settlers and through the years the name Cooley has become world renowned for the […]

The Apple Tree corps: Youngsters give, receive in summer service

By Linda Whitmore People often say they get more out of volunteering than they put in. Among them are the youngsters who participate in the Apple Tree School Supply Drive. Throughout their summer vacation, 41 students ranging in age from 9 to 17 meet twice a week to plan, organize and execute the collection of everything from pencils and crayons […]

The Brown family: Pioneers’ descendants still call Silverton home

By Linda Whitmore Since James and Lucinda Brown trekked across the Plains, seven generations have called Silverton home. Through the years, the Browns have been influential in the development of the community and its resources. James and Lucinda Brown and their four children left Independence, Mo., in April 1846 on a half-year journey to Oregon. They carried their belongings in […]