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Letters to the Editor: Support for ‘supermom’ in school board election

We wholeheartedly endorse Melissa Seifer Briggs for Silver Falls School Board. Melissa is an experienced attorney, most recently with the Oregon Judicial Department, and a Silverton native. She and her husband, David Briggs, have five young children, ages 12 to 3. Melissa is devoted to all children, especially those who may be disadvantaged or at risk. The depth and breadth […]

The gift of giving: Dr. Shandra Greig volunteers for Medical Teams International in The Philippines

By Kristine Thomas The warm smiles, the words of gratitude, the acts of kindness are a few of the priceless gifts Dr. Shandra Greig received while volunteering in The Philippines with Medical Teams International. “I received more than I gave while in Guiuan among these resilient Filipino people rebuilding after a terrifying typhoon took away what little possessions they had or worse, loved ones,” Greig […]