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Saving steelhead – Project places log jams in Abiqua Creek

By James Day The Pudding River Watershed Council and a plethora of partners have completed a $500,000 project aimed at improving the survival rate of endangered steelhead on Abiqua Creek. The key piece of the puzzle was placing 12 “engineered log jams” on the creek on land owned by Weyerhaeuser, which also contributed the logs and boulders for the effort. […]

Water update: City officials monitoring flow on Abiqua and Silver creeks

By Kristine Thomas Melody Harpole of Harpole’s Produce in Silverton describes this summer as the “tomato summer.” “The hot, dry weather makes it a good summer to grow tomatoes,” she said. “When we have rainy, cloudy summers, it’s harder for the tomatoes to ripen.” Harpole, 39, has learned from her years farming that the weather goes in cycles, some years […]