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How I see it: Please, don’t make excuses for bad behavior

DixonThis is a hard column to write because it represents things I care deeply about. Some people will agree with me, some won’t. Let me politely say, “I don’t care.”

God bless Vic Gilliam and his family. Red or blue, conservative or liberal, passionate or stoic, rural or urban. He is a good person who represented his House district and the majority of his constituents well. He is suffering greatly and holds his head up high. He ran for re-election in November, won, then resigned his seat because of the debilitating nature of his medical condition. He is a good man who does his best, listens well, works with all parties effectively, and is fair. Let’s say, “Thanks, Vic,” “Best Wishes,” and “Godspeed.”

I am tired of people making excuses for Donald Trump. If you are a religious conservative with a keen eye on what happens with the next Supreme Court Justice and his impact on Roe v. Wade, fine. I support your right to your beliefs. State that. Please don’t state the President is a moral and Christian man and that is why you support(ed) him. Please don’t come up with silly arguments like, “When Barack Obama was elected we didn’t throw tantrums, claim that he wasn’t our president, and threaten to block any of his liberal agenda.” The truth is some people did all that and more.

Most everyone agrees protesters who damage property, threaten others, inflame the police and didn’t vote are creeps. But don’t tell me everyone who didn’t vote for Trump is a radical, unpatriotic street thug. Likewise, don’t tell me everyone who did vote for him is a racist pig. 

Tell me you wanted immigration controls tighter, but don’t tell me a judge of Hispanic descent born in the U.S. can’t hear a court case fairly. Tell me you don’t like John McCain, but don’t tell me he isn’t a war hero who survived five years of torture as a POW. Tell me a journalist with special needs asked a tough question of then-candidate Trump. But don’t tell me you support the candidate mocking his disability. Please.

And I implore you, please tell me it isn’t appropriate to assault women no matter your celebrity status, nor to be an adult whose daughter has to advise you on how to do the right thing. Or that one of your chief advisers can promote your daughter’s products and you not know doing so is using the office of the presidency inappropriately. Please.

In my humble opinion, Trump’s actions are despicable. Your first response might be, “You Hillary-loving radical extremist.” Nope. Not me. I wasn’t her fan. This is not about Hillary. It is about one of the most repugnant persons we have ever put into the White House. He is on record – written, audio, visual record, of doing and saying despicable and repugnant things. That is inarguable. Don’t even try. His list of doing horrible things is too long.

I do not begrudge the Republican Party being excited about controlling the White House, Congress and Supreme Court. The Democrats would experience the same euphoria. For the record, I am a registered Independent. But please, quit pretending Trump is a decent human being and the bad, mean press is unfair to him. He is a reality TV star. Reality TV is not real. It is entertainment. It is contrived. He is a master at getting to people’s basest levels and fears.

I believe the reason he was elected (along with the fact Hillary was a polarizing figure) is simple. To get the Republican agenda accomplished, you need a Republican president. To get that, many held their nose and looked the other way. Trump has a chance of being impeached at some point for his behavior or business dealings. Then the nation gets Pence. Even then, please don’t tell me you blindly support all of his values. It is intellectually dishonest. They don’t mesh with most thinking, civil and fair-minded people.

Blue or red.

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