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Good-bye garage sale signs in public right aways

It’s about this time of year they began to appear. They are frequently at the corner of First and C streets and at McClaine and Main streets. But now, garage sale and other signs will no longer be tolerated.

Silverton Community Development Director Jason Gottgetreu said a law has “been on the books for numerous years” prohibiting signs in the public right away. The city council recently directed staff to enforce the law. Garage sale or other signs is in a public right away will be removed. If it is a durable sign, such as the sandwich boards advertising a play, it will be taken to the Silverton Police Station where its owner can retrieve it.

Gottgetreu said some councilors complained the signs were an eyesore. According to city code yard signs on private property can be displayed on three consecutive days in a calendar month. For more information, call city hall at 503-873-6117.

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