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The Man About Town: Sign right here… Quick, I’m turning blue

Man About TownBy Jim Kinghorn

Last month in this celebrated collection of community claptrap, The Man told you about the Silverton Area Community Aid fundraising event and how it raised the “too good to be true” amount of almost $50,000…..well, that did turn out to be incorrect…..after all the dust had settled, the final tally was an even more amazing $71,465. Not too shabby for a three-hour event (that’s $23,821 per hour for those of you that went to Salem public schools). There have been many people that have contributed their time and energy to make this event so successful over the last six years but if you see Ken and Darby Hector or Ron and Jane Jones in particular, thank them for all their efforts to help families in the area.

Silverton Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Stacy Palmer will soon be joining a contingent of seven chamber directors winging their way to China.  The Chinese government-sponsored trip will allow attendees an opportunity to explore Asian commerce and learn techniques to encourage cooperation within your city council… OK, so I made that last part up, but we need all the help we can get…

Congratulations are in order for the Silverton Kiwanis Club which recently won awards including Kiwanis International “Distinguished Club Award,” Wayne Suggs’ “Outstanding Club Secretary Trophy” and Randal Thomas received a “Special Achievement Award.” The Man says thank you for your dedication to make the community better and if you keep up the good work… we might even let you into Rotary….

The Man has recently learned there are very few absolutes in life, but if you read something on Facebook it is absolutely, positively, undeniably true….

Join all of us at Mt. Angel Publishing in wishing Jerry Lauzon a speedy recovery from his recent surgery. O’fest just isn’t the same without “The King of Bavaria”….

Soooo let me get this straight, we have known for years that Silverton’s Four Freedoms Mural would likely have to be moved or replaced because the building they are currently attached to is not in good shape. The good folks at the Silverton Mural Society, who one could easily assume (judging from their name for starters) probably know more about the care and feeding of said murals than pretty much anyone else around, after a long and exhaustive review of possible locations, factors and proposals determine the best location for the re-created murals to reside….They are the Mural Society after all.  The plan is in place and things are proceeding along to replace the tourism attracting mural and the society requests roughly 1 percent of the Urban Renewal funds already available to help fund the project… Sounds simple, right? Au contraire mon frere’, because now there is a petition going around Silveton to get signatures from people who don’t have all the information, know the issues, or have reviewed the proposals to change the new location to one that the society has already rejected… It all kinda sounds like holding of breath and stomping of feet over sour grapes… And we wonder why nothing ever seems to get done…

See you on the street…

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