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Homegrown candidates: Three vie for Silverton mayor’s seat

By Brenna Wiegand

The three Silverton mayoral candidates actually have much in common.

Kyle Palmer, Stu Rasmussen and Judy Schmidt all grew up in Silverton and graduated from Silverton High. Each possesses a long track record of community service; a term often taken for granted, but as a way of life, it is rare indeed.

An unforeseen reward of serving in a number of capacities beyond one’s day job is the development of new skill sets and discovering what you’re good at. In the case of Palmer, Rasmussen and Schmidt, leadership qualities and initiative eventually surfaced.

In addition to starting several small businesses, Rasmussen has spent 22 years as an elected official in Silverton — six of those as mayor. Palmer always seems to end up leading, be it the school district bond advisory group, in his capacity at Silver Creek Animal Clinic, or in Little League Baseball. Schmidt has served on the boards of community, church and city organizations and has made a career of mobilizing groups of individuals for a common cause.

Notice how their jobs give them contact with a multitude of people each day: Schmidt as director of volunteer services at Silverton Hospital; Rasmussen running Palace Theatre and Mount Angel Performing Arts Center; Palmer at the veterinary clinic. A wide range of local residents are in and out of their doors.

All three have such a desire to make Silverton a great place to live or visit that they’re willing to sacrifice countless hours studying documents, moderating meetings and hearing opinions, be it at a council session, a restaurant or the grocery store. And all desire improved communication between the city and you, its residents, including greater accessibility to city government.

Meet the candidates:

• Kyle Palmer

Stu Rasmussen

Judy Schmidt

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