Oregon Garden, Sustainable Silverton present water conservation event

July 2022 Posted in Briefs, Community

By Melissa Wagoner

Whether your goal is to save the planet, save a little money, or perhaps a bit of both, conserving water can be a good place to start.

“There are times when your pocket book is the only thing that matters,” Eric Hammond – a horticulturist and member of Sustainable Silverton, an organization whose mission is to increase the community’s resilience in the face of climate change – said. Acknowledging that the need to conserve water for the purposes of drought prevention is low on most homeowners’ list of priorities after such a rainy spring, the need to conserve water for monetary purposes is at an all-time high.

“[W]hen dollars are tight, knowing how to best conserve water is really useful,” Hammond said.

Which is why, on Saturday, July 30, Sustainable Silverton will be teaming up with the Oregon Garden to present “Garden for Today’s Climate” – a series of workshops and garden tours covering topics like rainwater storage, invasive species identification, composting, xeriscaping and gardening with native plants. 

“Learning about your broader impact helps you make the best decisions for you and your family,” Hammond said. 

Fellow Sustainable Silverton member Kelley Morehouse added “[L]et’s work together on preserving, maintaining, and celebrating the community we live in.”

Admission is $10 for seniors, $12 for adults and free for Oregon Garden members.

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