Give Away Saturday July 18

June 2022 Posted in Community, Events & Holidays

By Melissa Wagoner 

Silverton residents and beyond are invited to participate in the second annual Give Away Saturday taking place July 18, 9 a.m. to noon. 

Similar to a community-wide garage sale, the Give Away urges participants to purge those items that are no longer in use by giving them away to someone who needs them but might not otherwise be able to afford them.

When asked why residents should forego either a garage sale or donation of items in favor of participation in this event organizer Karen Garst said, “I think it is important for a number of reasons: some of us have way too much stuff, we want to help others who need things, and it is so easy to do. It is so nice to give something away…”

No registration or fees are required to join, rather – as with any traditional garage sale – residents need only create a front yard display of the items they would like to pass on. She also recommends posting signage notifying passersby that the items part of the Give Away, and being available to oversee the exchange. No cash box, price tags or haggling necessary. 

“Last year was very successful,” Garst said of her own experience with the Give Away. “My husband went out about 8 a.m…most everything was gone by 11.”

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