Zetta House – Holistic healthcare practitioners collaborate for a new era

May 2022 Posted in Business

By Melissa Wagoner

It has long been a goal of Audry Van Houweling – owner of She Soars Psychiatry in Silverton – to be a part of a collective of holistic-minded healthcare practitioners. So, when the opportunity came up to do just that – through the purchase of a commercial building at 503 N. First St. in Silverton – she jumped at the chance.

Zetta House’s healthcare professionals: Delena Brymer, Audry Van Houweling, Kelly Prill, Shana Christensen and Megan Basl under the portrait of the operation’s namesake, Zetta White Schlador

“There’s great synergy in this office,” she said, referring to both the space and the eight practitioners currently housed within it. “Even though there are days when we don’t see each other, just knowing that the people here share a similar vision is nice.”

Branded Zetta House – as an homage to Silverton’s only female mayor, Zetta White Schlador – the wellness collective strives to benefit the community by empowering individuals to seek whole body wellness.

“Zetta represents our dedication to community and education as well,” Van Houweling said of the name. “Because we’re promoting education in the community and making it more available.”

By offering services in holistic mental health, psychiatry and medication management, psychotherapy, functional neurology, natural and integrative medicine, chiropractic care, lifestyle coaching, massage, neurofeedback therapy, nutritional counseling and IV and injection therapies means the practitioners at Zetta House are able to cover nearly every aspect of a person’s health and even to offer cross-over care in some cases.

“It takes a village for anyone to heal – so we’ve started a village,” Dr. Kelly Prill – a Functional Neurologist who treats patients with a variety of neurological and immune issues – said.

Specializing in individualized care, each of Zetta House’s practitioners prides themselves on spending as much time as needed with their patients.

“We could be burning the candle at both ends but we choose to spend our time with people,” Dr. Delena Brymer, a specialist in the Webster chiropractic technique and retained reflex and rehabilitation therapy, said.

Already open for business to clientele of all ages, stages and genders, the Zetta House practitioners will be hosting an open-house on June 3, 4 to 7 p.m. as a way of introducing the collective to the community and answering questions. For more information is at zettahousewellness.com.

“The 2020’s are a new era and we have to have more self-care,” Dr. Prill said of the need for this new brand of individualized healing. 

Zetta House open house

503 N. First St., Silverton
June 3, 4 – 7 p.m.
Welcoming all ages, stages, genders

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