In Memoriam: Beth Marie Marcum (July 20, 1961 – Jan. 30, 2022)

March 2022 Posted in Obituary

There was a time to be born, and it was July 20, 1961 for Beth Marie Marcum, and there was a time to die, and it was Jan. 30, 2022, and in between was 60 years of living.

She attended Silverton elementary schools and just before her 16th birthday, she had a swimming accident that broke her neck, and she was paralyzed from the neck down. She graduated from Silverton High School and graduated from Chemeketa Community College while in her wheelchair.

Beth loved people, all kinds and ages of people, young and old. She worked the evening shift for the Women’s Crisis Center in Salem until it closed. She was a gifted counselor and friend to those lucky enough to be in her world.

Her companion and devoted mate was Phil Landon for over 20 years and he is still living in their home.

Beth’s father, Bob Marcum, died three years ago and her brother, John, died in August 2014. Her mother Tootie lives in the house they shared in Silverton. Beth has a brother, Scott Marcum (Teeny, Wade, Molly, Jena).

Because she spent so much time in bed, her world of friends were on her tablet. You kept in touch and gave her life great meaning.

Now she is free of all the pain – she has her hands and fingers – she can walk and run – and play her beloved game of baseball with her dad in Heaven.

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