Washerwoman – New business revives vintage service

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By Melissa Wagoner

Ava and Kate Bush

When Kate Bush told her daughter, Ava, that she wanted to start a new business – a laundry service that would provide clean clothes, folded and ironed and delivered to her customers’ door – Ava was unimpressed. 

“At first, I was like, really? You want a business where you just do laundry?” 17-year-old Ava recalled. 

But Kate just couldn’t let the idea go. And eventually, even Ava got onboard, supporting her mom as only a tech-savvy teenager can – by designing a logo, building a website and creating a Facebook page for her mom’s new venture.

“She’s taken tech classes for years,” Kate said of her daughter’s attendance at Silverton High School. 

Officially launching on June 16, The Washerwoman, as the business is coined, has already received a lot of attention online, especially from busy, working parents for whom laundry is a daily hassle. For this demographic especially, Kate is hoping the Washerwoman’s services will become routine – one reason she is keeping the costs so low and booking so efficient. 

Small loads cost $5, large loads are $10 and ironing is $2 per item. Clients can book online, with a list of preferences provided. 

“We use free and clear detergents and scentless dryer sheets,” Kate said. Her choice in cleaners is designed to work for even the most sensitive clients. 

“And it’s up to you if you want bleach in your whites. I go through and check pockets and use Spray ‘n Wash on stains.”

She also provides both pick-up and drop-off services. 

“It can be completely no-contact,” she added. listing the increased pressure and stress the pandemic has caused for families as a factor in the creation of the business.

“A lot of people were like, ‘I can’t deal with [laundry] right now,’” Kate said. Now, The Washerwoman means they won’t have to. 

And Kate thinks it makes a great gift idea as well. 

“[I]t seems to me people always want to find a way to help each other but don’t necessarily know how,” Kate proposed, “Using our service would be an excellent gift to give someone that is adding an addition to the family, having surgery, struggling in some way, a way to give thanks or a just because.”

The Washerwoman

Facebook: @thewasherwoman01

Offering basic laundry services, including pick-up and delivery, to Silverton, Salem and the surrounding areas.

• Small load – $5

• Large load – $10

• Ironing – $2 per item

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