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August 2009 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

The Man

By Jim Kinghorn

The Silverton Wine & Jazz Festival is looking for new board members to work on the event for next year. For more information, call Jose DeLaRosa at 503-873-3072.

If you look around Mt Angel these days you will find lots of new faces. No, not new people but new faces on many of the buildings. To celebrate the Mt. Angel Chamber is holding a Die Handelskammerspaziergang (oh come on, now they’re just making words up) on Aug. 24. To join in the Handely-schmandely thing gather at the gazebo at 6 p.m. for a short walk around town to see the improvements.

Welcome back to Patrick and Sharon Mills-Green. The long-time local residents are back in the area after a “business from hell” experience in New York.

Congratulations to Richard and Mary Humphreys of Silverton Self Defense on the 1-year anniversary of opening their business. The Man says to give ‘em a call, just for kicks.

Mt Angel’s fire and emergency siren has been reactivated and stands ready to summon help when you need it. The Man says that in this age of blackberrys, cell phones and instant messaging, it is comforting to know that sometimes the old simple way is still the best way.

As if we needed more examples of how Silverton schools rock, Kelsey Palmer was recently awarded Big East All-academic honors. The University of South Florida freshman was the only one on her team to receive the award. The Man says it just goes to show, in academics or athletics it all comes down to the fundamentals.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the annual Oktoberfest Kickoff party. The Sept. 12 shindig has been redesigned to reflect the tough economic times so you have no excuse not to “Embrace Your Bavarian Heritage”.

Local art advocate and semi-professional vagabond, John Labovitz is looking for a place to build a housetruck. What’s a housetruck you ask? Well, it’s kinda like a motorhome but with a whole lot more creative sounding name. You can follow John’s progress at

Well, The Man can no longer skirt the issue. Mayor Stu’s attempt at governmental transparency has certainly garnered him a lot of added exposure and not all of it positive. Unfortunately, his choice of apparel has caught the media’s attention and distracted city leaders from the important jobs the people elected them to do. He has made an apology but only time will tell if he will a dress the issue or be in the tank (top) for his own agenda. Stu can choose to cleave(age) a new path toward the governmental responsibility he talked about when he ran for office or pursue the reality show which likely would not show Silverton to be the wonderful town that it is. The choice is clear, manicure our image or makeup a new reality and have to deal with the consequences.

See you on the street….

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