Something for the Soul: The creative impulse

March 2013 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Winnie BoltonBy Winnie Bolton

Creativity is not an eight-hour job.  It’s around us day and night in daily life all the time.  It consists of making quick connections about things we know and things we’ve seen.

The more we’ve seen, the more we’ve done, the easier it is to make that jump – to connect the dots.

People who say that they are not creative just shut themselves off from possibilities and miss out on the magic of life. It’s like a death sentence. To be creative it helps to be incredibly positive and believe anything is possible.

Part of being creative is learning to see the ordinary in extraordinary or different ways.  By doing so, you are open to the endless possibilities. The idea or notion of “That’s never been done before” doesn’t enter your mind.

Most people are afraid of failing but once you’ve failed, you realize it’s not that terrible. In fact, you’ve freed yourself up toward risk taking. All one needs is an open mind.

There are young people who will never be creative and older adults who will never stop. One doesn’t have to be an Einstein. It’s a sense of freedom that one receives from taking chances. Once you create something and you can see, feel or taste the addiction begins and one becomes hooked. That might explain why I keep writing.

As one gets older, we have less strength but it doesn’t affect our creativity. Amusing situations have occurred out of astonishing feats of creativity.

It’s all about connecting the dots.

On the 17th of March, it will be St. Patrick’s Day, a colorful day, so have yourself a cheery creative day filled with positive blarney.

It’s a gift of the Irish.

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