Don’t give up on Eugene Field: Guest Opinion

November 2018 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Please consider this “Chapter 2,” following my letter in the [Oct. 1] issue of Our Town, in which I stated that I would be still and listen, and
also that I was convinced that our
elected representatives were listening.  Well, neither is true now.

I wish there had been more people in attendance at last night’s (Oct. 11) get-together with Stu Rasmussen, in order to learn more about issues concerning Silverton. Thanks to The Home Place for the space. I listened, and learned a lot from this very knowledgeable individual – but it’s just not in me to be still.

In the matter of Eugene Field, I’m not the only one who wonders of the City Council, “what’s the hurry to demolish that building?”

Again, there’s the aesthetics of the town to consider, the bottom line being that if Silverton changes too much (called “progress”), we are in danger of becoming like many other towns whose center dies. Especially pertinent here is tourism, and Silverton’s charming aesthetic is of prime importance to that.

Has the City Council looked into getting a designation of National Historic Site status for the building? Has the Council considered seeking infrastructure funding from the state or Federal sources, for help with shoring up that building, plus the dam, and streets, etc.?

And if the postcards from about 300 of us asking the Council to wait on demolishing were dismissed out of hand, I ask the Council to please consider calling an open forum that doesn’t cost anything to your constituents, in order to hear our voices and to give us some answers. Please keep in mind that not everyone is on social media.

Thank you for listening, and please continue to do so, and to keep open minds. Don’t consider Eugene Field a dead horse – at least not yet.

Kathie Curtis


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