Silverton growth predates current council: Guest Opinion

November 2018 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Watching social media conversations about our Mayoral and City Council elections is interesting. I hear many Stu (Rasmussen) supporters claim voting for him is about controlling the growth in Silverton.

Our current mayor and council were not in office when it was all approved. It is NOT on them. It is on past mayors and council. Actually it is on codes because LEGALLY the Planning Commission,  Council and Mayor cannot deny a building application simply because they don’t like it. We won’t even get into LUBA’s* role in the appeal process.

I reached out to the Silverton City Manager and asked for the year our most- mentioned housing developments were approved and the number of plots. Here’s what I found out:

“Pioneer Village Phase 1, March 2003 PC approved 34 lot subdivision containing 9 duplexes and 3 apartment buildings for 108 total dwellings, platted 2004

Pioneer Village Phase 2, December 2003 PC approved 125 lots for single family homes (SFH), platted 2005

Pioneer Village Phase 3, August 2005 PC approved 84 lots for SFH, platted 2007

Pioneer Village Phase 4, August 2016 PC approved 76 lots for SFH, platted 2018

Oak Knoll Phase 1, August 1988 PC approved 31 lots for SFH, platted 1992

Oak Knoll Phase 2, May 1994 PC approved 32 lots for SFH, platted 1995

Webb Lake 1, February 2004 PC approved 48 lots for SFH, platted 2005

Webb Lake 2, March 2005 PC approved 44 lots for SFH and 1 triplex, platted 2007

Abiqua Phase 1, March 1995 PC Approved 61 lots for SFH, platted 1996

Abiqua Phase 2, May 2002 PC approved 40 lots for SFH, platted 2003

Abiqua Phase 3, December 2003 PC approved 59 lots for SFH, platted 2005

Silver Cliff Estates, March 2004 PC approved 110 lots for manufactured homes, platted 2007

The Edgewood area was platted as
Park Terrace

Park Terrace Phase 1, November 1989 CC approved 11 lots for SFH, platted 1990

Park Terrace Phase 2, PC approved 27 lots for SFH, platted 1991

Park Terrace Phase 3, October 1991 PC approved 18 lots for SFH, platted 1991

The Crestview area contains:

Mountain High Phase 1, June 1998 PC approved 19 lots for SFH, platted 1999

Mountain High Phase 2, March 1999 PC approved 18 lots for SFH, platted 1999

Silverton Heights, September 2000 PC approved 31 lots for SFH, platted 2001

Silverview, January 2007 PC approved 22 lots for SFH, platted 2007

The herb streets was platted as: Monitor Road Estates, July 2003 PC approved 64 lots for SFH, platted 2006.”

As for the two new apartment complexes:

Silverplace Apartments – 93 units.

Garden City Apartments – 20 units.

If you recall, the city originally denied Silverplace due to not adhering to codes.  The developers revamped and applied again. That land has been zoned for multi family living at least 10 years as well.

From 1989 to 2000 there were 235 new apartment units constructed in town.

Look really hard at those years and numbers. It isn’t the current team’s doing. Don’t penalize our current team by buying into false hype. Our current team works well together and is respectful even when they disagree. Something we haven’t always had.

If you look at the City’s comprehensive plan, back in 2002 this growth was already forecast. This growth should not be a shock to anyone who has been involved in Silverton politics.

Leslie Martin


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