The Ol’ Curmudgeon: Night to Remember

October 2016 Posted in Arts, Culture & History, Columnists & Opinion

The Old CurmudgeonOh, what a night to remember. It was a night New York would be proud to claim and it happened right here in the Wine Cellar. Yes, it was that good – the music of Cole Porter and Hoagy Carmichael, the great and remembered one. Marilyn Keller sang each song as if it belonged to her, no note too high and no note too low. What a great voice! And then there was George Mitchell whose piano solos sent chills up my spine, fantastico! J Jorgensen’s solos were also spectacular. There was Carlton Jackson moving the entire ensemble with his steady beat on the drums and the man who put it all together, Jon Deshler playing his trumpet and flugelhorn. I tell you all, it just don’t get better than this, take it from the ol’ curmudgeon.

Well, there was so much more to hear at the fifth annual Sidewalk Shindig. I visited with Brad Hirsh and his steel drums. I can’t help thinking about Harry Belefonte and his Banana Boat Song. To drummer Byron Mercurius and his Rhythm Culture Band, sorry, Byron, my bones playing just don’t come up to par since my stroke. Maybe next year.

If I don’t mention the Nix of Kin Band I’ll never be welcome at the Silverton Senior Center again! Thanks for adding Banjo Bill to your ensemble as well. The high school brass band that opened up the Shindig in front of the Palace Theater really gave the event a fine start. I commend the Silverton music department for keeping jazz alive. It is truly the music of the USA.

Well, if I missed your favorite kind of music, hey, I’m only one man. I’m sorry. The Sidewalk Shindig was more than one man could get around to! Thanks to Lawrence Stone, Gregg Sheesley, Ron Nelson, Hilary Dumutresw and Greg Hart. They worked their butts off to bring this fantastic event to you. And many thanks to the businesses who made  the best even of the year possible. 

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