Letter to the Editor: Study board candidates

April 2015 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

In the coming weeks, you are sure to hear many candidates for the Silver Falls School District Board of Directors claim their goal is to promote unity within the district.

One of those candidates will be Todd White who is running in Zone 6.

The problem is Mr. White has a history on social media such as Facebook of smearing the district, propagating outrageous conspiracy theories, and doing more than any other person I am aware of to draw divisions among the residents of the district.

On March 31, 2015, Mr. White wrote, “Silverton people seem to harbor a lot of resentment for the rural voters. As long as that BS thinking is allowed to continue, there will always be a rift….Get over yourselves.”

This is just one sad example of Mr. White’s incendiary rhetoric on Facebook. This is not the type of thinking that will unite people to work towards a common goal.

Simply put, Todd White is unfit to serve as a board member in the Silver Falls School District. I would also question the judgment of any candidate who chooses to align with him.

Luckily, we have an alternative. DaNette Wernette is a write in candidate for Zone 6. We are lucky to have a candidate as qualified as Mrs. Wernette.

Her qualifications include an education and work history that focuses on the needs of children. DaNette Wernette is both respectful of those she encounters, and is respectable as a professional woman. This is an easy choice. Write in DaNette Wernette for Zone 6.

Jacob Clotfelter


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