Man About Town: Um… Don’t get around much anymore

April 2015 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Man About TownBy Jim Kinghorn

A Seattle dog has figured out the public transit system and has taken to regularly riding the bus by himself to the local dog park. Eclipse, a two-year-old black lab mix, climbs on the bus, hops into an open seat (he prefers a window seat so he can see his stop) and sits quietly among the rest of the commuters until it reaches his destination. The Man bets Eclipse probably behaves better than most of the other passengers too….Now if he could just figure out how to pick up after himself, that would really be impressive…

Recently retired Silverton Police Captain, current Silverton Fire Dept Battalion Chief and rocker of the most awesome flat top ever, Buck Pilmore was honored as a “Local Hero” at a recent Portland Trailblazers game. Never one to seek out the limelight, Buck may have been a little uncomfortable seeing his 20 ft. tall mug on the jumbo-tron, but it’s good to see one of our own honored in the big city

Speaking of local heroes, did you know that if you are unsure of the battery or can’t reach your smoke detector(s) the Silverton Fire Dept will come to your house and replace it for free? They also mentioned that this is best done before your house burns down for best results……

If you find yourself wishing you had a piece of the Silverton Four Freedoms Mural that was torn down last month, wish no longer… Vince Till saved one just for you. A limited amount of  chunks of the iconic mural are available in small and large sizes for $10 and $20 respectively. All the proceeds go to support the Mural Society. Call Vince @ 503-873-6572.

As if Facebook hasn’t taken over enough of our free time, the popular online venue for sharing pictures of your cats has now announced they will let you post when you’re dead. Before that happens you will have to designate your “legacy contact” who will take care of the keyboarding part…. It will be up to you to channel your thoughts from the great beyond through that person…. The Man doesn’t imagine the “check in’s” feature will be all that useful at that point though….

See you on the street…

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