Man About Town: Uh oh, the music stopped… And I don’t have a chair

November 2014 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Man About TownBy Jim Kinghorn

“The burden of sorrow is doubled when it is borne alone.” – Goran Persson.

On Dec. 14, plan to join your friends and neighbors at Silverton’s Angel of Hope for the annual Candle Lighting Ceremony. This worldwide event honors the memory of all children, siblings and grandchildren that have left this earth to soon. This year’s event is dedicated to committee member Judy Schmidt. For information, go to

If you’ve always wanted to say things like “We put the wet stuff on the hot stuff” or “That there was one heck of a boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion” then you’re in luck as the Silverton Fire District is looking for volunteers. Head “Jake” Rick Heuchert says if you are at least 14 years old, have no criminal history, a clean driving record and want to help your neighbors, then call 503-873-5328 or e-mail….and don’t ever, ever forget….”Lugs lead out”…

Mark out Dec. 6 and 7 on your holiday calendar so you don’t miss the Mount Angel Hazelnut Festival. This annual event will fill the Festhalle with all things hazelnutty and feature regional arts and crafts, beer, wine, food and entertainment….and if you get there on Saturday morning, you can do the “Run For Your Nuts” 5k….

With the economy being flatter than the proverbial pancake the last several years, we here at The Man newsdesk haven’t had much business news to report as of late. Whoo Boy Howdy, that’s changed the last few months so it’s time to strike up the band for another, long overdue, edition of The Man’s Business Musical Chairs… The Four Freedoms murals (contrary to some contrary opinions) are moving to Seven Brides so the old senior center can be torn down to make way for the new location of MaPS Credit Union… Matthew Middlestetter moved Compex Two Computers two blocks south to a shiny new office where Redhead Engines used to be … Jose De La Rosa moved A & I Jewelers from Oak Street to First to now apparently, Puerto Rico (I think that’s just east of Scotts Mills)… City Thai has new owners and has become Sandee Thai…  Spoonful Frozen Yogurt was unable to find a buyer and closed … In the Hartman Building a clothing store called Cadence has been replaced by a clothing store called The Trunk… on Jersey Street, Gerald Williams and Tracy Harris have taken over Old Oak Oven Pizza from Daniel and Katie Jimenez who moved back to Hawaii.  Julie Bersin and Dan Satern left Willamette Valley Bank and opened Guild Mortgage on N Water Street… Audrey Tappan moved from S Water Street to Willamette Valley Bank, and Dutch Brothers Coffee, (probably wanting to have a location closer to the tulip fields, being Dutch and all) are building a new location across from Wilco on Silverton Road.  Rite Aid will be moving down the hill and building a new store where Holland Collision and the Silverton Mini Storage are now and O’Reilly Auto Parts continues discussions with the city for approval of their new building in the lot next to Subway… Forest River Trailers will be moving into the old Redmond Homes trailer factory… and if the fruits of Nick Harville and Stacy Palmer’s labor are successful, another large business may plant itself into the industrial park (also contrary to some contrary opinions)…  and all of the school kids in the district will be moving from somewhere to somewhere else at some point, just not to Eugene Field. And you thought nothing was going on…

See you on the street…

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