The Old Curmudgeon: Here’s to 2013

January 2013 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

By Vern Holmquist

Well, it looks like 2013 is off to a good start.

The stock market is holding up; we didn’t fall off the cliff; we have a president who has shown great compassion for humanity as well has a positive view of our economy and it is on the move forward.

I have heard several people say President Obama may be remembered as one of our greatest. He now has time to prove it. It’s going to be a progressive year.

Following well-attended holiday parties, January’s Silverton’s First Friday was slowed down a bit by fog and chilly weather, but I did hear a duet formerly from California who are now residing in Scotts Mills. Stephanie and Mike, who play the piano and guitar, were enthusiastically applauded by those attended their performance at The Green Store. I was delighted to get to hear these wonderful musicians perform.

Speaking of The Green Store in the restored Wolf building, there is an interesting collection of merchandise, some produced by local artisans.  It’s like a dozen or more stores rolled into one selling gifts and fashion. Stop by and have lunch or a good cup of coffee.

After living in Mount Angel for 13 years, I am well aware it is a nice, quiet town to live in. Since moving just four miles away, it seems I always seem to be in Mount Angel on Mondays. I find it is a bit of an eerie feeling, like have I stepped into Western movie set, so quiet, so many empty parking spaces, so little evidence of life downtown. I am prone to suggest the Mount Angel Chamber of Commerce add another sign to the “Welcome signs” on each end of town stating “Closed Monday” thereby giving everyone in town an extra day of rest and peace.

Well, Frank-N-Stein’s is open again on Mondays, and the boy and girl are still swinging in the Glockenspiel, and you may find some other reason to go downtown, so I may withdraw my suggestion.

Here’s to a great new year with less conflict in our Congress, a sincere effort to reduce our national debt, keepimg the bankers in line and people being more concerned with humanity than personal profits.

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