Something for the Soul: Beyond conciousness – The unveiling of a dream

December 2012 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Winnie BoltonBy Winnie Bolton

Your dreams are a living mirror of your dynamic nature and the vital role you play on this earth of ours.

They are the reflection of your character, the struggles of your soul, your contact with reality and the essence of your being – your intimate relationships with God.

A closed mind is like a closed box. It’s a trap that suffocates the imagination.

The dream world, like space, is forever expanding. It is best to be like a child and to watch with pleasure and awe the constant unfolding of the dream of living because it is limitless and timeless.

Pay attention to your dreams and the more attention they will give back to you. I can say this from my own experiences.

While living in Arizona before moving to Mount Angel, I attended profound dream classes for more than a year; the instructor was a nun with a doctorate in theology.

Dreams have hidden feelings and can open hearts as to what’s hidden possibly being suppressed; misunderstood, judgmental; attitudinal; ignorant …

After all my hard work of scribblings, discussing openings, learning the symbolic language which is expressed in pictures – familiar in daily life but implies ideas and particular meanings or concepts to each individual – I found myself expanding in ways I never knew possible.

I was truly beginning to become more in touch for the first time in my life starting on the road toward becoming more human, more spiritual, simply more aware.

It was a tiring year of nights, but I was determined to communicate with my unconscious mind or at least feedback.

One morning when I awoke, I knew something extraordinary occurred. I couldn’t remember a thing until I looked at the notepad on my night table. Written on it was ‘EVOL YB DEDNUORRUS ERA UOY.”
I held it up to the mirror and it read: “You are surrounded by love.”

I had never written backward in my life before, but the dream came back to me in vibrant reds, intense oranges, gold and purple colors. There was a wise ancient Indian woman stirring a pot over an outdoor fire. The gravitational pull I felt upwards was blissful – cords pulling me and I didn’t want to be released.

The meaning was clear as light.

I had discovered that all of us, not just me, are surrounded totally by love whether we are aware of it or not doesn’t matter – doesn’t change it.

It was the most powerfully nourishing feeling one could ever experience. It was the presence of God in our lives.

The backward writing, I believe, is so I would never forget that feeling – that knowledge imbedded in my soul – my essence – our essence.

Think of it – who in their right mind would ever dream of writing backwards?

Which tells me one ore thing: I was not awake when I wrote it.

Have a very blessed 2013 surrounded by the glory of His Love.

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