Move along: Nothing to see here

January 2018 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Man About TownNow that the City of Silverton has re-purchased the Pettit property south of town, you will soon have the opportunity to rent the house for your very own. Just be aware that the decor is a little “dated”…. Which will be perfect for when you’re on the deck overlooking the lake blastin’ disco hits from the ‘70s…

Alles Gute zum Gebertstag to the King and Queen
of Bavaria, Jerry and Connie Lauzon… may we all be as spry and effervescent when we reach achtzig….

The Man knows what you’re thinkin’…. ”Hey, it’s been a long time since that The Man feller has done one of those Bid-ness Musical Chairs thing-a-ma-bobs”….. Soooo, cue the music and hang on tight… Long time whimsical shop owner, Bonnie Lester sold Whimsy Etc. to Kim Knox who is also owner of The Chocolate Box…. Jason Freilinger sold Odd Fellows Games and Electronics to a local couple who will open an undisclosed business at an undisclosed time…. Molly Moreland and Scott Bruno bought Silverton Art & Frame from longtime owners Judy DeSantis and Debbie Farmer… and Scott Hale moved Butte Creek Computers from 1st Street to 209 E Main where Compex Computers was “back in the day.” A new Crossfit gym is going in where Dunmire Automotive was; Courtney and Heather Fast added the Silverton Coffee Station to their plant and gift empire where the old gas station was; Casey Craig is serving up the meats at Loco Ono where Nom Nom was; Samurai Madame (for all your sushi needs) opened on S. Water where the dry cleaners was and People’s Taphouse inches ever so closer to serving you pizza and beer on the corner of Water and Main where Larsen Flynn Insurance was. Brian Mitchell of Citizens Bank proposed at the tree lighting back in December (awwww) to Mackenzie Stevens who said yes, I guess, and then she opened Mackenzie’s Esthetics on Main Street where White Oak Gallery was. Audry Van Houweling has started She Soars Psychiatry on Front Street and Dr. Rob Rosborough’s Township Health DPC is growing so fast he is looking to add staff and more space. The Water Street building formerly occupied by O’Brien’s Restaurant has been sold to Ben Johnson and will undergo an extensive rebuild on it’s way to become a multi-level housing/ restaurant/retail plan.  The Food Co-op has moved out of the Live Local Marketplace and Dr. Chuck Tauer’s Books N Time celebrates it’s sixth year on Water Street. Silver Spur RV Park continues their major expansion, Jon Haynes moved Clear and Practical Accounting Solutions from 1st to James Street where Almquist Studios was, marking the first time in a looooong time there won’t be a photography business in that location (Curtis is now working out of his home in Corvallis). Linn Benton Tractor is now Santiam Tractor; the amount of stores with the word Dollar in their name is about to double; and now the line for the Dutch Bros drive-thru apparently starts in Stayton. So, it’s like I said, there’s nothing going on, nothing to report, move along, there’s nothing to see here……

See you on the street….

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