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The Man About Town: Flip-flop philosophy

Pete Buffington reports that his Abiqua Wind Vineyard’s 2007 Mueller Thurgau recently won a double gold medal in an international competition in San Francisco. Their 2006 Early Muscat also won a double gold at last year’s event, proving that there is quite an emerging wine region on the east side of I-5. The Man says to quit yer “wining” and […]

Brother, friend, artist: AJ Hanlon’s life remembered

By Matt Day Almost every day, Andrew James “AJ” Hanlon would buy a cup of lemon chamomile tea at the Silver Creek Coffee House in downtown Silverton, a popular spot for teens and twenty-somethings. Frequently, Hanlon would linger for the conversation. Hanlon, an Irish citizen, arrived in Oregon in June 2007 planning to spend a few months living in Silverton […]

Welcome to Our Town online!

We hope this will complement the work we already do in print and provide a forum for feedback and interaction.

All of the stories that are delivered to your mailbox in the print edition were posted online at noon today. Some are missing photos, others have some glitches here and there. We hope to have that worked out soon. Features like Datebook and Marketplace are also empty right now. Forgive the delay, we’ll get those up and running as soon as possible.

In the meantime, take a look around the site. Let us know what works and what doesn’t, and what you’d like to see in Our Town online.

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Peeking into the parlors of Silverton’s past

By Linda Whitmore

One of the 11 sites open to visitors during the home tour is the 1922 bungalow at 810 N. Water street that was for many years the home of the Cooley family. Owners of old houses often wonder about the lives of the people who tread the stairs before them. Passers-by might be curious about how current residents live in a vintage home.

On Saturday, July 19, Silverton Country Historical Society’s “Within These Walls” home tour offers a peek into the parlors and porches of homes and businesses built before 1940 – and a couple of well-done recreations of vintage houses.

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Mt. Angel author publishes book after years of planning

By Matt Day While taking a creative writing class in college in the early 1970s, Don Dunn wrote a short story. Part sci-fi, part historical fiction, the tale centered on a man coming of age in trying times. Dunn went on to graduate from Mt. Angel College in 1971 with a degree in humanities. The story wound up in the […]

The Oregon Garden keeps growing

By Linda Whitmore The Oregon Garden, which celebrated its seventh anniversary June 29, is blooming like an established landscape. Now solidly rooted, Silverton’s botanical garden is flourishing. Not only have the individual garden spots been expanded and plants within them matured, the Garden is on sound financial footing, allowing for further growth and development. There has been a bloom of […]

Juvenile crime an issue of attitude

By Matt Day

In her 10th year of work with Silverton Youth Peer Court, Cynthia Schaeffer is noticing a trend she’s never seen before.

Theft is up from last year. Between January and May of 2008, 33 percent of peer court cases were theft-related, up 10 percent from the same period in 2007. But theft fluctuates year to year, and she isn’t worried about the jump in cases.

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Creekside Grill plans call for a good steak, family atmosphere and a view

By Dixon Bledsoe

So how exactly does a construction manager end up owning a beautiful restaurant on Silver Creek in historic Silverton?

Manny Rodrigues paints a great story. The North Salem High graduate lives in Beaverton, spent eight years in Hawaii and is a construction lead for Mo Salem, owner of Westside Drywall. Locals see the company’s handiwork all over town, most notably the restoration of the Wolf Building, the extreme makeover of the former Silver Falls Realty Building (corner of Main and Water), Silverton Coffee Station buildings and the Hartman Building.

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Silverton, Mt Angel celebrate the Fourth in style

By Kathy Cook Hunter

Celebrating Independence Day, is an American tradition, and for many folks that means picnics, parades, concerts and, in the case of Silverton and Mt. Angel, two evenings of fireworks. The towns observe in the spirit of neighborly closeness and fun with a succession of events.

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Silver Falls celebrates 75th anniversary

By Kristine Thomas

Visitors walk on the trail that passes under South Falls

A visit to Silver Falls State Park is like traveling back in time for Louie Hubbard of Salem. The Douglas fir, hemlock and cedar trees may be taller and rounder, but each season the temperate rainforest redecorates itself with brown, red and gold for the fall and brilliant shades of green for the summer. The waterfalls continue their cycle from a trickle in late summer to an awe-inspiring crashing force in winter.

The park still has the same ambiance and majestic beauty it did when he first visited it in the 1970s, Hubbard said.

“I think what’s wonderful about the park is that every time you come back, it is still the same,” he said. “In this day and age, there aren’t many things like that. The park has been well cared for, for many generations to enjoy.”

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Church commemorates patron’s 2,000th anniversary

By Mary Owen Parishioners at St. Paul Catholic Church in Silverton are looking forward to a year of celebration for their patron saint and martyr, the Apostle Paul. “We are hoping to have some fun things, like a play, a talent show and some dinners.” -Fr. William Hammelman Hailed by many as the most influential teacher in Christianity’s history, Paul […]

Community mourns loss of one who modeled the way

By Mary Owen Mentoring families and pioneering lay spirituality were a few of his passions, but perhaps his most intense was guiding youth. Father Bernard Sanders, a well-loved Benedictine monk at Mt. Angel Abbey, died June 3. More than 400 people came to pay respects at his funeral on June 10. Those who mourned the 89-year-old priest, ordained in 1944, […]

A Grin at the End: Oh, what a tangled Web we’ve woven

By Carl Sampson When Al Gore invented the Internet, he undoubtedly had a vision of an information highway that would wend its way around the world, placing all sorts of important and enlightening information at our fingertips. Instead, the Internet is destroying civilization as we know it. I shall explain. Instead of broadening the flow of information to the average […]

Community support appreciated

June 14th was the Spaghetti Dinner / Auction Fundraiser for Randy Geck. Randy was there to enjoy all the friends, family and community who came together to celebrate and honor him with their love and support.

The fundraiser was a huge success, not just because of the people who donated their time, energy and skills, but the generosity was amazing. There were donations of food for the complete spaghetti dinner. St Paul Church donated their space and spectacular kitchen. There were wonderful auction items that brought in a lot of cash for the fund.

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Chemeketa offers summer credit, non-credit classes in Sublimity, Salem and online

With gas prices on a seemingly endless climb, Chemeketa Community College officials are reminding area residents that learning opportunities are closer than they might think.

“At the Chemeketa Santiam Center, we have a wide assortment of classes offered on site and a computer lab to connect to any Chemeketa online course,” said Anita Beyer, a specialist at the Santiam Center in Sublimity.

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Grow it yourself: raising food in small spaces

By Jan Jackson The luxury of walking outside the door and plucking something fresh and vine ripened is not just a treat for the palette but the pocket book. All you need is a little space in which to tuck a tomato or cucumber plant, a container that would grow a lettuce bowl or a space to build a little […]

Fewer acres planted in strawberries this year, but outlook is good

By Jan Jackson Slow to ripen but sweet and juicy as ever, Oregon strawberries are the best and the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Strawberry Commission have stepped up efforts to market them to processors and fresh market consumers. Strawberries have been in the Willamette Valley since 1846 when Henderson Luelling loaded up two extra wagonloads of fruit […]

Regular routes make bus service attractive as CARTS ridership increases

For information on CARTS’ services,
fares and schedules contact
OHAS/CARTS at 503-585-6193 or

By Mary Owen

With gas topping $4 a gallon, the area bus system known as CARTS is greeting new riders.

“We have been picking up regularly,” said Frank Brown, interim road supervisor for Chemeketa Area Regional Transportation System.

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Saving money

By Kristine Thomas Marilyn Brenden knows gas prices are soaring higher than ever. She has watched the cost of basic food supplies such as bread, milk and eggs continue to increase each week. Brenden, 59, who lives with her mother, Lillian Brenden, 92, doesn’t waste her time worrying – instead she uses it to discover ways to save money The […]

Cook fresh: favored foods from farmers market

By Jan Jackson The cooking-fresh season has started and to prove it, shoppers carried empty produce bags and baskets into the Silverton Farmers’ Market Saturday, June 14, and left with them full. While returning shoppers made straight for their favorite vendors, new shoppers took more time looking to see who and what was there. New market manager Courtney Basile, a […]

Reflections on the Fourth

Celebrating the Fourth of July, we learned at an early age, meant observance of our independence from another nation – our freedom from domination. Now celebrating 232 years of freedom, let’s truly echo the celebration of life that has the side effect of aliveness, just as poetry is the outcome of mindfulness. The more alive we feel the more receptive […]

Artful recycling: everything old is new again

Old Stuff on Main Street
An American Antique Fair
July 4, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Main Street between Water and First

By Samantha Wiegand

Joy Bayer wonders “Why do we keep buying more when what we already have is durable and

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