Letters to the Editor: Thank you, Silverton

May 2021 Posted in Community

A campaign is a journey… I began this journey because I am a father of two and know our schools play an integral part of the health and well-being of all kids. Silverton is uniquely positioned to keep doing great things; and I am on this journey because we have a supportive community that believes in our collective potential.

I see this in the entrepreneurial spirit that comes from our small businesses and farming communities – the history is in the soil and in the hands of the workers.

The local artists and love for art reflects back to us in our murals – it is also a place of unrivaled natural beauty from the falls to the gardens and the Cascade Mountain Range nestling us at every turn. We have stories and legends from Homer Davenport to Bobbie the Dog – we even raised an astronaut – and most important, it is a town where people care about their neighbors.

I have been able to see and hear this pride of place reflected in my conversations with voters. As the campaign journey
is ending I want to start a new chapter by bringing us together to be known for something else – the best schools. The diversity of ideas and beliefs in our community should not divide us – we must listen to understand and find common ground. I see limitless opportunity if we achieve this.

To all of you who voted for me, thank you; for those that didn’t vote for me, thank you for caring about our schools; for those of you that haven’t, please learn more about me or reach out for a coffee. I want to bring Silverton together and ask you to join me. THANK YOU for being a part of my journey.

Matt Gaitan

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