Santa comes to Silverton: Skeptics take a breather

December 2019 Posted in Other

By Melissa Wagoner

For people around the world Christmas is a magical time of year.

“Throughout humanity, Christmas was our way of convincing ourselves that winter will end,” Santa Claus, that magical and iconic Christmas symbol, recently told me as we chatted about the upcoming holiday season. “And we need to know that it will end.”

Because what are the signs of Christmas after all? The temperatures dropping, the trees going bare, snow falling and people coming in to share in the warmth they find indoors and with one another. Every one of those have a powerful story, Santa said.

And he’s right. After all, this is why stories like the famous poem, A Visit from St. Nicholas (better known as The Night Before Christmas) – written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823 – was centered around a family tucked cozily in bed, dreaming of good things to eat, while snow blanketed the ground all around. It has remained a classic to this day. It’s also why Santa Claus has continued to be a beloved part of the season, since 280 A.D.

“The best part is having people believe in something good and pure and happy,” Santa Claus said of his job, which is not consigned to just one night but rather encompasses the entire holiday season, during which time he visits churches, holiday parties, schools and hospital rooms helping spread good cheer.

“You see me all over the place,” he laughed, recalling the many places he gets to visit and the many people he meets. “I try to go as many places as I can. Because sometimes there are kids and adults out in the public that need healing and joy.”

Which is why, each time he makes an appearance in his long, intricately designed, fur-lined coat, lovingly sewn by Mrs. Claus, he brings with him one, single, silver bell.

“I generally give out one a day,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. “And generally, it’s to people who are having a hard time or kids who are having a hard time believing.”

Because, as Santa explained it, it is not the receiving of presents that is the best part of the season, but the giving of them.

“Santa’s not the most important part of Christmas,” he explained, noting that often instead of asking what people wish for Christmas he will ask what they plan to give. Saying, “That’s you becoming Santa Claus.”

And he should know, as the Big Man himself is credited with delivering presents to people across the globe.

“What’s better than giving?” he asked, explaining his motivation for such wide-spread gifting by saying, “Giving is like helping and healing. It has magic all by itself and it’s a lot of fun.”

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