Classy cars: Two Cruz-Ns for O’fest

September 2011 Posted in Community

By Tami RichardsOktoberfest Cruz-N Car Show

Ever since Ransom E. Olds began building cars on production lines and Henry Ford improved upon the efficiency of the production line, people have revved their affection for cars by attending auto shows.

Thousands of attendees embraced the Chicago Auto Show of 1901 and from that day forward long lines have snaked up to the doors to see the gleaming new cars at auto shows all across the country.

People want to see not only the new buttons, but also the new locations of the old buttons, to smell new upholstery and imagine a future of commanding destinies with the mere press of a button or the utterance of a word.

Not to be outdone by modern gadgetry or conveniences, the polished paint and shining chrome of yesteryear’s autos never fail to attract attention at cars shows, cruise-ins, or even when speeding, putting, or being towed down the road. Smooth curves and sharp lines, paint lovingly polished to a high sheen, hoods wide open displaying four barrels just waiting to shoot for the moon, chrome grilles facing any challengers, tale fins gliding through the air, all this is part of the appeal of classic automobiles.

Oktoberfest Cruz-N Car Show
Sept. 19 & 20, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
St. Mary’s Public School lot
Sponsored by Citizens Bank
Dash plaques, T shirts and a
framed photograph for every
vehicle registered. 26 awards daily.

Bruce Silkett of Runaway Productions,
presented by Donald RV & Storage,
will entertain with music and car talk.

One of Oregon’s favorite displays of cars, the Mount Angel Oktoberfest Cruz-N-Car Show, is gearing up for its 16th year of displaying some of the most beautiful, powerful, and treasured vehicles gathered in one location. Among vehicles expected are Corvettes, Roadsters, touring cars, pickup trucks, Bel-Airs, and more.

The Mount Angel Cruz-N-Car show attracts auto enthusiasts from all over Oregon during the two-day event, which features 100 different cars on each day.

This year is the second year of Sponsorship by Jeff Foster of CJ’s Hot Rod Shop of Salem and promises to be a beautiful and commanding display of muscle machines, automotive art, and engineering genius.

Looking down the long rows of automobiles at classic car shows conjures up a time when families took Sunday drives to the beach in the ’55 Chevy, or when guys raced for pink slips while their gals cheered from the sidelines. Visitors can look at these cars and idealize a bygone era of front porches, lemonade stands, and building a future with one’s own hands.

Some of the favorite cars to see at cruise-ins are automobiles that were constructed in the post-war America of the 1950s and designed by people such as Harley Earl of GM. These designers lustily married 8-cylinder power to splashy designs, comfortable seating, and air conditioning, while having no qualms about size, fuel consumption, or the environment. These are the cars that represent a no-holds-barred innovation in car manufacturing that flawlessly merged art, style, comfort, and power. They are bold, brash, absolute, and they make no apologies whatsoever.

Much like great architecture, car cruise-ins are a fascinating display of form and function that drives the viewer along for an unforgettable joyride.

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