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Mount Angel subdivision – Wachter Meadows receives final permits

By Stephen Floyd

Mount Angel has issued the final occupancy permits for the Wachter Meadows subdivision, finalizing a six-year development process that brought 63 new single-family units to town.

Administrative Services Director Colby Kemp said, as of the start of May, all inspections have been completed and permits issued, finalizing the city’s role in the development.

He said all 63 units have been sold, with developer Lennar selling units about as fast as they could build them.

Kemp told Our Town the small-town atmosphere of Mount Angel has been a big draw for people from out of the area.

“The people that have moved here that aren’t from here very much enjoy those aspects of the city,” said Kemp.

Development of Wachter Meadows began in 2018 with a subdivision application from Stafford Land for 20 undeveloped acres between West Church Street and West Marquam Street. Lennar purchased the property in 2019 and continued with development, breaking ground in 2022.

When asked if there were any disruptions in the planning process due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kemp said things “went pretty smoothly” as City Hall was not forced to close amid lockdown restrictions. He said the biggest challenge was working with a national company that was not entirely familiar with local laws and procedures, and helping them get up to speed.

Kemp said the city did what it could to ensure the development met high standards, with Public Works employees conducting exacting inspections before permits were issued. There was also an expansion of sewer lines along West Marquam Street to handle increased strain on utilities.

“We put a lot of effort into making sure the subdivision was as perfect as it could be before turning it over to the homeowners,” he said.

The improvements are expected to increase property tax revenue for the city, though final figures will not be known until the Marion County Assessor’s Office completes its evaluations. Additional revenue would be added to the city’s general fund, which supports City Hall operations, the Police Department, Public Works, the library and similar departments.

Kemp said no new subdivisions are planned at this time, though developers are expressing interest in possible projects. He said the city is in talks with another developer about a possible 46-lot subdivision on the south end of town off Academy Street, but that no plans have been filed.

Kemp said the completion of Wachter Meadows was “a great thing” for the community and confirmation that the city can expect significant growth in the coming years. City Manager Mark Daniel agreed and said the “old community values” of Mount Angel, as well as the city’s proactive approaches to community improvements, make it an attractive place to set down roots.

“[Families] like to have a nice house and a nice community where kids can play in the front yard and walk to school and know some of their neighbors,” said Daniel.

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