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People Out Loud: Mom Power – The force that guides you for life

I am writing this as Mother’s Day quickly approaches. As you are reading this Mother’s Day 2023 has passed. The brunches have been served, the cards admired and the flowers adored. Truthfully, one day is not sufficient in celebrating our moms. 

Motherhood is not restricted to biology. It is also displayed in that teacher who looked at you side eyed when you talked too much in class, the choir director who picked you up to take you to choir practice on Saturday morning and the aunt who kept you in line when mom wasn’t looking.

For the past four years my Mother’s Day celebrations were celebrated with the fond memories of an amazing lady whose specialness was characterized by a sweet, gentle and unassuming power. Her “Mom Power” was expressed in her smile, her love and care for others and the sacrifices she joyfully made for my siblings and me along with the others she wanted to see find fulfillment and happiness. 

Today I recall seeing her face in the crowd at my sporting events, plays, fashion shows and other activities. Once I spotted her, I could go on with the business at hand. Whether it was competing on the gridiron, the track or walking the runway in the latest fashions (of that time), the sight of her reminded me to be at my best despite the challenges.

And then there was the aroma of the beginnings of Sunday supper waking me up and reminding me it was time to roll out of bed and get ready for Sunday school and church. The three hours at Sunday school and church seemed like an eternity, knowing that when we finally left for home, I was that much closer to pot roast, fried chicken or some other mouth-watering culinary delight. 

My mother had three children, but she was a mom to many more. Sharing my mom with others never was a problem. I was never possessive or jealous. Perhaps that’s what “Mom Power” is all about. It is an endless reservoir of love, inspiration and giving. 

So many young people my mother interacted with through her work still speak of her in fond terms. Many credit her for helping them find their way out of the difficult life that teen pregnancy presented. Some saw her as an inspiration to rise from financial difficulties to become successful professionals while many others just adored her infectious spirit.

As amazing as my mother was, I know that so many others can say similar things about theirs.

For me, all the memories I speak of are really a guide to how to walk around in today’s world. I am reminded that I don’t walk this earth alone and that I have a responsibility not only for myself but my fellow man. I am charged with putting the best of myself out into the world and to inspire others to do the same. 

So, I won’t restrict my celebration of moms to one day a year. It’s a daily celebration without an end. 

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