Business of the Year: The Lucky Leaf acknowledged by community

March 2023 Posted in Business
The Lucky Leaf cannabis dispensary in Silverton. Stephen Floyd

The Lucky Leaf cannabis dispensary in Silverton. Stephen Floyd

By Stephen Floyd

Former Silverton Mayor Kyle Palmer said The Lucky Leaf was a shoo-in for 2022 Business of the Year.

Though some may bristle at the notion of a cannabis dispensary being recognized for excellence, Palmer said the shop and co-owner Colby Jackson have risen above cynical stereotypes.

“Colby [Jackson] is a Silverton native and chose to make an investment here that probably would have been easier somewhere else,” said Palmer. “He’s operated a business that is as upstanding as any other despite some voices of concern, and he leaves no doubt that his heart is in supporting Silverton.”

The Lucky Leaf was honored as part of the Silverton Chamber of Commerce’s annual First Citizen Awards.
A banquet to recognize the 2022 winners was held Feb. 25 at The Oregon Garden Frank Schmidt Pavilion.

Ahead of the event, Jackson told Our Town he was surprised and humbled by the award, and felt like it was an affirmation of his decision to set up shop in Silverton.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to have this business in this town and do what we do, and being recognized in such a way feels really good,” he said.

Since opening in 2016, The Lucky Leaf has helped raise funds for multiple local community groups and projects. The business and Jackson helped lead efforts to raise $49,500 for phase II construction of the Silverton Skate Park, which was completed in 2021.

The Lucky Leaf has also helped customers in need, such as providing a pay-it-forward jar in the store for customers to contribute to the care of others. At other times they are able to offer products at-cost, given the burden medical treatments can often place on patient finances.

Jackson said the shop has also gained a reputation for being able to help those with medical needs navigate their options and find a solution that works.

“Whether it be cancer patients or people hard up for whatever medical reason, we try to help people,” he said.

Palmer, who headed this year’s committee that selected awardees, said this level of community involvement is what made The Lucky Leaf stand out. The business was chosen from several nominees. Committee members saw it as an example of sustained and consistent community support.

Palmer said Jackson was “a terrific guy and a Silvertonian who genuinely cares.” Palmer added he hopes reservations about the cannabis industry will continue to decline as businesses like The Lucky Leaf show the positive impacts they have on communities.

“Cannabis is a legal product with an incredible range of medically beneficial applications and its availability in our community has helped many,” said Palmer.

Jackson said his business would not have been a success without the support of his customers, saying, “without them, there’s no us.”

“Thank you for being such great customers and a good community to be in,” he said.

Jackson also thanked his employees and his long-serving manager, saying it was a big deal to find employees
who care.

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