Illuminated music – Silverton band releases professionally produced album

March 2023 Posted in Arts & Music
The band: Ted Larson, Michele Lynn and Michael Paul Reed.  courtesy of Michael Paul Reed

The band: Ted Larson, Michele Lynn and Michael Paul Reed.                                 Courtesy of Michael Paul Reed

By Melissa Wagoner

Silverton singer-songwriter Michael Paul Reed’s album, The Process of Illumination, has been a long time coming.

“We started recording this at my place to get some demo level stuff going in November 2021,” Reed recalled. “Then we decided to get a professional studio.”

But those statements only speak to the recording process, the music itself – which Reed describes as “a bunch of genres mixed” – has been evolving since Reed was just a kid discovering the kind of sounds he loved to hear.

“I was 12 or 13 when I got serious,” Reed said, recalling the first band to really capture his attention. “It’s a cliché thing to say, but I was heavy into Nirvana. Being able to play a guitar and sing at the same time seemed like magic. I wanted to do that magic.”

Initially self-taught, Reed eventually went on to take classes at the University of Wisconsin, to seek out music internships around the country and to develop a relationship with other musicians that has been lifelong.

“I definitely like to revert back to the younger me when I’m songwriting – the one that didn’t know all the rules,” Reed laughed. “But it would have been impossible for me [to get where I am] without all of that instruction.”

He also would not be where he is now – releasing a professionally produced, full-length album and music video on March 11, 2023 – without the help of his bandmates; drummer, Michele Lynn, and bassist, Ted Larson.

“I always wanted a band,” Reed said. 

“I am completely street taught,” Lynn, who grew up steeped in the music culture of New Orleans, said. “I play a billion things.”

That’s not an exaggeration. An accomplished pianist, bassist, singer, dancer and drummer, Lynn has a knack for describing the music on the band’s new album.

“It all has the Michael Paul Reed sound to it,” she began. “It’s like a jazz-elevated rock. It’s got all the jazz cords in it and the jazz chord progression. And then there’s blues in it too.”

A sneak peek of the album’s single, “Sea Seventeen,” is currently available for listening on all streaming devices, along with a snapshot of the band’s first music video, “The Glow,” which can be viewed on their website,

But the real show will take place Saturday, March 11 when the band will celebrate the release of the full album with a concert at Silver Falls Brewery.

“Mathieu Raney is going to open from 5 to 6 p.m.,” Reed said. “He’s a great artist. Then we’ll go on at 6 p.m. and play through the record.”

And for those who cannot make the opening night celebration, the CD will be available at Soundstream Music in Silverton and Tuff Shark Records in Stayton.

“We have a party track on every one of our albums,” Lynn shared. “So, you have to get the full album to have all of the fun.”

The Process of Illumination

Michael Paul Reed album 

Listen to the single, “Sea Seventeen,” now on streaming platforms.

Watch “The Glow,” music video at

Album release party at Silver Falls Brewery, Saturday, March 11: 5 p.m. opener, Mathieu Raney;

6 p.m. full album performance

CD available at Soundstream Music in Silverton and Tuff Shark Records in Stayton.

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