Building turns 100, ‘new’ cartoon displayed

January 2023 Posted in History & Culture, News

At the Silverton Country Historical Society’s annual meeting vice president Fred Parkinson will present a talk about historic Silverton architecture, specifically a building that recently turned 100 years old.

Now serving as the local branch of Citizens Bank, 217 E. Main St. started out in 1923 as the new building for Coolidge & McClaine Bank. 

Additionally, the meeting will showcase the historical society’s latest Homer Davenport acquisition, the original artwork for a 1909 cartoon. Originally published in The New York Evening Mail, the cartoon features African animals up in a tree – having just learned former President Theodore Roosevelt is on safari (the illustration is captioned “Look Who’s Coming”). 

The widely-circulated drawing was acquired recently from a collector in South Carolina.

Parkinson’s presentation will follow SCHS board reports and the election of officers. 

The society’s meeting is public, free event and starts at 1 p.m. Jan. 21 at Silverton Senior Center, 115 Westfield St. 

Books on Silverton history are for sale and there will be free refreshments. 

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