High notes: Children’s Choir returns after two-year hiatus

October 2022 Posted in Arts & Music, For Kids

By Melissa Wagoner

The Silverton Friends of Music’s Children’s Choir is finally back after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID pandemic. 

“We felt it was finally time,” board president Sarah Weitzman said. “And we wanted to roll it out at the beginning of the school year.”

Opening for enrollment in early September, tryouts for the three choirs – beginners, intermediate and advanced – were held on Sept. 29. 

Choir Director Julia Fabrizio getting to know members of the Silverton Friends of Music’s beginner choir.

Choir Director Julia Fabrizio getting to know members of the Silverton Friends of Music’s beginner choir.

“Last time it was just [arranged by] ages. But this time it’s different with the skill grouping,” Weitzman added. 

It’s largely the only change SFOM made because the initial choir’s design – started in 2018 – was such a success. 

“We had a really, really good turnout and we were really growing strong,” Weitzman said of those first years when the choir averaged 50 participants. “We were excited to continue growing the program.”

And while, so far, attendance has been down –
there were 32 students enrolled when Our Town
and Weitzman met – Weitzman is confident that enrollment will increase for the spring term. 

“Our experience is that spring semester – January to May – tended to be better,” Weitzman confirmed. “Right now there’s basketball and volleyball and soccer we’re competing with. And January to May is longer, too. It’s more beneficial. And that’s nice for them to get the more in-depth rehearsal.”

In the meantime, Weitzman and choir director Julia Fabrizio are just happy to offer choral instruction once more. They are still welcoming new students, grades first through eighth, to give it a try. 

“We have a variety of schools involved,” Weitzman said, explaining that the choir is not affiliated with any one school. Instead it open to any student interested in learning to sing. “Last session we even had some home school and private kids.”

Meeting each Thursday at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Silverton, tuition is $100 per semester with scholarships available so that money will not be a barrier to enrollment. Rehearsal times vary depending on which choir a student joins but the upcoming performance dates will be the same.

“We hope to do one for First Friday in December – at the Tree Lighting,” Weitzman said, adding they are planning another holiday concert in December as well.


Silverton Friends of Music Children’s Choir

Open to students in grades 1-8

Terms run September – December and January – May

Tuition is $100 per semester, scholarships available

Rehearsals Thursday evenings at the Trinity Lutheran Church, 500 N. Second S., Silverton.

For information visit: www.silvertonfriendsofmusic.org

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