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The spa experience – Making home, skin care more accessible

By Melissa Wagoner

When Deanna Perkins opened Serenity Home and Spa Shoppe in downtown Silverton in August 2020, she knew exactly how she wanted each customer to experience her store.

“When I worked at spas, the moment people opened the door they would relax,” the seasoned spa manager said, describing the way the sights, sounds and even the smells of her store emulate that spa experience.

“The overarching theme is positivity and that’s what I focus on when I’m curating products,” she said. The spa items – aromatherapy sprays, skin creams and candles – and home décor items – furniture, artwork and seasonal decorations – are the main focus of the store.

Aesthetician Jennie Pino and Serenity Spa Shoppe owner Deanna Perkins team up to host a Ladies Night event on Aug. 22.
Aesthetician Jennie Pino and Serenity Spa Shoppe owner Deanna Perkins team up to host a Ladies Night event on Aug. 22.

“It’s OK to pamper yourself, to make yourself pretty and to make your space pretty. It nourishes your soul,” Perkins explained.

Determined to share this belief with the community, Perkins has begun offering quarterly, spa-themed Ladies Night Out events, complete with refreshments, a private shopping experience and a bit of spa how-to. 

The next one – scheduled for Aug. 22, 5 to 7 p.m. – will be unique because it will also include a wax studio, hosted by aesthetician Jennie Pino.

“Some people are intimidated by a spa environment,” Pino said. She believes combining aesthetics with a familiar environment provides a real benefit. 

“I think when it comes to incorporating skincare and beauty into your life it shouldn’t be hard and complicated. And coupling it with your daily activities, making it as accessible and enjoyable as possible… well, I love giving people a jumping-off point.”

It’s a similar goal to Perkins’ own. 

“With COVID, everybody is focused on their home and wellness,” she observed. Adding – what better space than a home décor and spa shop to make your home and your skin what you want it to be?”

Pop-up Skincare Event

Serenity Home and Spa Shoppe
218 East Main St., Silverton
Aug. 22, 5 to 7 p.m.
RSVP in-store or call 503-874-4177

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