In Memoriam: Mildred Marcheta Hicks (Nov. 3, 1925 – May 14, 2022)

August 2022 Posted in Obituary

After living a full life of 96 years, Mildred Marcheta Hicks has now joined her husband in heaven. She was born in Coos Bay, Oregon, on Nov. 3, 1925, and died in Tacoma, Washington on May 14, 2022.

Marcheta, as she was known by her friends, was named after an old Mexican love song. Born into a Scandinavian family on Catching Inlet, she grew up in a home filled with Big Band and Dixieland music. She enjoyed sharing her childhood memories of family gatherings, music in the home and getting to school by boat. Her father died when she was young and her mother opened her home to boarders so that she was able to make ends meet while raising Marcheta and her brother, Chet. This is where she met her future husband, Everett (Buck). They were married and started their family living next door.

In 1968, they moved to Silverton and lived on East Main Street until their sons, John and Joe graduated from high school. She worked as a secretary for Continental Phone Company and later for Wilco Farmers. They attended Immanuel Lutheran Church. It was during this time in her life that Marcheta would say she became a true Christian. She was thankful for God’s forgiveness of her sins and spoke freely of this until her last days. She prayed fervently for the salvation of her husband and when he became a Christian at the age of 84, her prayer was finally answered.

When Buck was offered a position with the telephone company to move to Juneau and later Fairbanks, Marcheta joyfully followed. She was a woman who loved adventure, wildlife, beautiful scenery, and outdoor adventures which they took part in together. In Juneau she became secretary for Gary Jenkins, who she often said became a brother to her. She spent time with his wife, Marion, and their family. After they were back in Silverton, Gary and Marion would often come to stay at the “Hicks Hotel.”

When they moved back to Silverton, they built their home on Peaceful Lane and began to attend the Assembly of God Church. For many years she enjoyed arranging the flowers for the Church Altar and playing the piano on Sunday mornings. She loved talking to the young people and inviting them to play music and sing Hymns in her home. She kept the Prayer Chain by her phone and made many friends at Christian Women’s Club.

This is where she met her friend Pam Leirman and her family. They became close to Buck and Marcheta, sharing meals, holidays and game nights together. Phil & Pam checked in on them often. Alex would entertain them on Independence Day with his fireworks show. Her trips to Macy’s with Pam, Elspeth and Katie were a highlight.

Marcheta was an example of the Biblical term “Keeper of the Home.” She was hospitable to friends, family and strangers. She created a comfortable place for all who entered with her generous hospitality, serving delicious dinners and desserts with excellence. The smell of coffee and fresh baked cookies were waiting for all who entered. She loved dressing up. It was rare to see her not wearing her pearls and lipstick was a must. Buck and Marcheta loved their home on the Abiqua, their neighbors and their life in Silverton. They enjoyed their routine of feeding the birds, watering the flowers, getting the paper, working in the shop and canning peaches. As she grew older, Marcheta insisted that she was not getting old, just “older.” They both shared concern about what the other would do in the future alone. In August of 2021, they moved to be with their family in Tacoma. Marcheta’s husband of 67 years passed away Dec. 21, 2021. Her comfort was knowing that he was in heaven and that she would be able to join him soon.

Marcheta would be the first to tell others of the good life she had been given by God and that He was especially gracious by giving her husband Buck to her. She was thankful for her family, mostly that they are being raised in Christian Homes. She prayed for them and her son Joe often and openly. She fervently wanted others to know about Jesus and His forgiveness. When the Chaplain came to comfort her at the end, he was impressed by her zeal and selfless care.

Marcheta is survived by her sons Joe (Fairbanks, Alaska) and John (Tacoma, Washington), nieces Jan Laird and Laurel Stocker, and nephew Mark Stocker all from the Portland area. She was fondly called Aunt “M” by them.

A most loving grandmother to John & Kathy’s children: Jesse (Christal), Joel (Letha), David (Joanna), Daniel (Kaylee), Sarah (Todd), Ruth, John (Liz), Luke and Katie. She was quite pleased to tell others of her 29 great grandchildren. Knowing that her family members were gifts, she treated each of them with love and affection. She shared with them her sense of humor when playing Old Maid, adventure when catching crawdads in the creek, appreciation of God’s Creation in her poetry, labor of love serving wonderful baked goods, and love of music when gathered around her piano. Remembering their birthdays was important to her. She kept a basket of photos on her coffee table to show her friends.

Buck & Marcheta – beloved friends, parents, grandparents and greatest grandparents were special people who gave us many wonderful memories. They will be missed.

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