Funding boost – CTE modernizes

June 2022 Posted in Other

By James Day

The Silverton High School career and technical education program has received a $125,000 shot in the arm.

The CTE grant, one of 54 from the state, was part of $7.3 million that will assist 148 middle schools and high schools in programs such as advanced manufacturing, engineering, agricultural science, app development, robotics, tourism, forestry, home renovation and health care.

Silverton will use its grants to modernize its computer programming, multimedia and welding labs while also creating a 911 emergency dispatch learning center.

“We are really excited about being awarded these funds,” said Kirsten Barnes, Silverton’s CTE coordinator. “We will be able to allow all of our students to explore their expertise at a professional level.”

Modernize was the key word for the Silverton grant request, Barnes said. The funds will be critical, she said, to modernizing the school’s CTE computer and technology capabilities.

“In its current state,” she said, “the computer hardware will no longer allow for software updates to industry standard development platforms such as Adobe and Unity. Modernization will create authentic industry labs mirroring real-life workstations.”

The dispatch upgrade, Barnes said, means that Silverton is “one of the only programs that has options for students to explore all aspects of emergency services – fire, EMT/paramedic, law enforcement, corrections, dispatch, and humanitarian service.

“The 911 simulator/dispatch will be added as a component into our 2nd class emergency services and then the follow-up firefighter classes,” she said. “While we do not have a certification at this point, we will be teaching students skills that will make them ready to be hired when they turn 18. The skills range from communication, multitasking, teamwork, emotional control, typing and technology, and organization.   We want to give students a chance to explore all aspects and we hope that this gives them a broader understanding.”

Barnes added that through the school’s education contract with the Dell computer company and through bulk ordering the $125,000 in state funds can ultimately purchase more than $200,000 in equipment.

The state received $8.7 million in requests. A state committee prioritized applications based on geographic diversity, community partnerships and programs that lead to high-wage, in-demand occupations for historically and currently marginalized students.

Silverton’s CTE students participated recently in statewide competitions in FFA and SkillsUSA. Hereare the top finishers:

1st, agriculture mechanics: Kaleb Schurter, Orie Schaffers, Gabe Voll, David Tribbett and Brandon Schurter
1st, agronomy: Lena Tribbett, Kendra Kuenzi, David Tribbet, Brandon Schurter
3rd, parliamentary procedures: Carly Von Flue
4th, horse evaluation: Sydney Rogosin, Abby Anderson, Jacki Leao, Ali Johnson and Elizabeth Wiesner
4th, dairy foods: Joanna Noordam, Ella Mantie, Simone Busch and Gavin Kuenzi
4th, floriculture: Kylee Lanz, Rebecca Noordam and Heidi Dettwyler

1st, ag mechanics: Kaleb Schurter, a 3-time state champion; 3rd, Orie Schaffers
1st, agronomy: Lena Tribbett; 2nd, Kendra Kuenzi; 3rd, David Tribbett
1st, dairy foods: Joanna Noordam
1st, secretary’s book: Erin Towery
1st, recorder’s book: Jenna Schurter
1st, diversified crops: Lena Tribbett
1st, nursery production: Leah Twede
1st, specialty animal production: Kendra Kuenzi
2nd, digital scrapbook: Jenna Schurter
2nd, beginning portfolio: Jenna Schurter
3rd, sophomore public speaking: Jenna Schurter
3rd, floriculture: Kylee Lanz
FFA state degrees: George Dettwyler, Heidi Dettwyler, Jenna Gubbels, Zach Gubbels, Marissa Johnston, Henry Kuenzi, Molly Kuenzi, Kira Manrubia, Talus Miller, Rachel Noordam, Henry Schmitz, Erin Towery, Lena Tribbett, Leah Twede and  Niles Zollinger

1st, firefighting: Luke Bryant; 2nd, Kaleb Schurter;
3rd, Ryan Redman-Brown
1st, computer programming: Jackson Veith; 2nd, Aiden Kelley; 3rd, Anna Muller
1st, photography: Katherine Howe
1st, TV productions: Makayla Chase and Kyla Welch
2nd, carpentry: Adam Sully.

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