SHS grad night party in need of help

May 2022 Posted in School

Each spring the Silver Fox Foundation hosts an all-night celebration for that year’s senior class. 

“The party is always the night of graduation,” long-time organizer Erica Rumpca said. “Kids will load buses at 10 p.m. and we will transport them to the party returning the following morning at 6 a.m.”

Originally created as a way to keep drugs and alcohol out of the hands of celebrating teens in 1986, the party has – over the last 36 years – come to mean far more to those who attend. 

“[M]any times it is the last time they will see their classmates…” Rumpca pointed out. “It is important that kids have this space so they are not out drinking and driving.”

Largely funded through the Silver Fox Foundation’s annual Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Donate dodgeball tournament, organizers aim to keep the ticket price down – usually to around $10 to $25 – but this year, owing to a steep rise in both transportation and venue expenses, organizers have been forced to raise ticket prices to $40 per senior. 

“These kids need this,” Rumpca said of the importance of this year’s party. “They missed out on so much while being schooled from home for over a year. I feel for the kids who missed out last year and the year prior. We can’t change any of that, but we can going forward. I think throwing this amazing party for them is the least we can do.”

The foundation is working to raise the $4,000 needed to keep ticket prices affordable and ensure that each of the seniors has the opportunity to attend. 

Donations may b sent to Silverton High School, 1456 Pine St. Checks should be payable to Silver Fox Foundation. Put Grad Party on the memo line. Or, to sponsor a senior, go to Forward confirmation to [email protected]

 – Melissa Wagoner

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